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GrooveBoston raves AC students

With electric dance music cranking, students let loose, partying the night away in the Plourde Recreation Center on Friday, December 5 at the College’s second Winter Bash, hosted by the Campus Activities Board.

Long lines of eager students waited in Hagan Campus Center to buy tickets for the event which were sold in early November. The event allowed students to put down their textbooks for a while and replace their winter coats with eye-catching garb to celebrate the end of the semester before beginning finals.

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ROC Tells you what you need to know about Homelessness Awareness Month

You’re sitting in class, listening to your professor’s lecture and your stomach starts to rumble. You glance up at the clock. 9:37 a.m., 43 minutes until you can return to your room to have breakfast.


9:41a.m. You begin to wonder how much you’d miss if you got up to find something to eat. Taylor isn’t far; you could run down and grab a banana and some cereal before your professor notices. Yeah, that’s exactly what you’ll do. You reach into your bag and grab your ID. Then you remember that it’s cold outside. You check the temperature on your weather app, 30 . You were running so late for class this morning that you ran here without a jacket. 30 degrees. You decide you’d rather be hungry than cold.


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Sodexo's Localvore event considered a delicious success

Chefs from the University of New Haven walked away from Taylor Dining Hall at Assumption College on Tuesday, November 4, with all smiles and a plaque to go with it.

Chefs representing Assumption Nichols College, University of Bridgeport and University of New Haven all piled into Taylor Dining Hall to compete against each other in a Localvore Culinary Challenge.

“Today is kind of a chef cook-off, if you will,” said Debbie Turner, district dietician with Sodexo. “We have chefs from all over the district here and they’re putting their own little twist on certain foods. But the whole idea is to bring in fresh, local produce so the chefs can make something with it. Then the students rate which station they like the best.”

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Paul Covino becomes the new director of Campus Ministry welcomed by students and staff

On Wednesday, October 1, a year-long vaccancy in Campus Ministry was filled, when Paul Covino officially began as its new director. Though Covino formally began his new position on October 1, he began acclimating to Assumption soon after his appointment was announced on July 24, 2014.

Though Covino has officially been working at Assumption for less than two months, Assumption College President Francesco Cesareo has already seen a positive impact in Campus Ministry.

“It really helps the Department in terms of stability, in terms of being able to develop potentially new programs, to strengthen existing programs and to give directions to the program and not just for the staff, but for the students and campus at large,” he said.

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Deans and Resident Assistants participate in 'Pie-a-Reslifer'

On Wednesday, November 5, the College’s Resident Hall Association sponsored the event “Pie-a- Reslifer.” Members of Residential Life covered a table with different flavors of pie and paper plates covered in whipped cream. Other members were dressed in trash bag ponchos, ready to be hit with the delicious dessert. Students could pay $1 to pie a member of Residential Life or pay $5 to pie Conway Campbell, dean of campus life, or Robert “Dean Bob” Ravenelle, dean of students.

“RHA is raising money for our yearly leadership conference. This year, it’s in Syracuse, New York,” said senior Residential Assistant Terri Whelan.

The concept of throwing pies at members of ResLife and the two Deans sounded amusing and members of the Resident Hall Association unanimously agreed.

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Keeping you informed: Major changes in Assumption's Study Abroad Policy

Assumption College recently made changes to its study abroad policies, forcing students to pay the cost of a semester at Assumption, even if their study abroad program is less than regular tuition.

According to the new Study Abroad Policy, all students who do a semester abroad in the future will have to pay their semester fee to Assumption, rather than paying it directly to the study abroad program. This is to ensure that the College is not losing revenue on Assumption students who choose to do a semester abroad with a program, which costs less than Assumption tuition. To offset the would-be loss, students must still pay their regular tuition, as well as the $1,000 study abroad fee.

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Former U.S. Senator Bob Kerrey sees bright future for America with young generation

On Monday, October 27, the Department of Political Science and the Law, Ethics, and Constitutional studies minor hosted a conversation between former United States Senator Bob Kerrey and Dr. Greg Weiner, assistant professor of political science.

The conversation titled “The First Branch: A Conversation on Congress and the Constitution” dealt with the issue of a now relatively weak Congress, known as the “First Branch,” facing a now robust and strong Executive branch.

Kerrey started by expressing his pride for being born in the U.S., praising its government structure by calling it a “phenomenal country with a terrific and difficult system.”

Kerrey thinks the nation will be better off with a strong Congress and finds a strong Executive branch not good for democracy.

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Midnight Madness excites crowd

Members of Assumption College’s Student Government Association and Student Athletic Advisory Board were sitting in the bleachers, listening to SGA’s Vice President for Student Affairs, junior Patrick Giroux, give them directions. The dance team was stretching on the gymnasium floor. Seniors Bizzie Gonring and Matt Heriveaux, the hosts for the night, were practicing the basketball teams’ introductions.

These were just some of the things going on prior to the start of Assumption’s Midnight Madness, the pep rally that serves to kick off the start of the basketball season.

This year’s Midnight Madness was on Thursday, October 23 in the Laska Gymnasium. As doors opened at 9:30 p.m., students from each grade, each clad in their grade’s respective color, walked in to music meant to pump up the crowd, SGA, SAAC, dancers and cheerleaders waving their pom poms and strobe lights flashing everywhere.

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AC Community safe after bomb threat

The Assumption College community breathed a sigh of relief when Assumption President Francesco C. Cesareo sent a memorandum on Friday, October 17, indicating that law enforcement made an arrest of a suspect who allegedly sent a bomb threat in an anonymous email on Wednesday, October 14, to a College employee. The suspect in custody is Mohammed Braimah, a former Assumption first-year student expelled in May.

“The Cyber Crime Unit of the Worcester Policy Detective Bureau and our own College Public Safety Division are to be commended on their thorough joint investigation,” read the statement. “Thanks to the information discovered through their swift investigation, a suspect is now in custody. The suspect, a former student of the College, was expelled in the spring for disciplinary reasons during his freshman year.”

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AC participates in FOX25 Campus Tour

Nearly 200 students braved the chilly temperature and early morning hours to make their way down to the Quad on Friday, October 10, to show support for the Fox 25 “College Tour” and showcase their love for Assumption.

The live broadcast was part of Fox Boston’s “College Tour,” a Friday morning segment they’re doing for six weeks. They are traveling to six colleges in New England for students to showcase school spirit, athletics, interesting facts about the school, and why students love to go here.

The live television broadcast began at 6 a.m. and concluded at 10 a.m. Local on-air personalities Doug “V.B.” Goudie and Elizabeth “Lilly” Hopkins anchored the segments, and encouraged students to show the approximate 125,500 viewers at home why they love Assumption.


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