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Step and Dance stomps the crowd

On Saturday, April 11, the Laska Gym saw a flood of students and supporters as teams arrived to compete in the ALANA hosted Step Competition. Students of Assumption were admitted into the event without charge while community members had to purchase tickets to see the event. There were refreshments and T-shirts available for purchase as well as two separate raffles. There was a 50/50 cash raffle and an iPad Air was raffled off as well.

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Accept Assumption Day welcomes 518 families

The gym floor of the Plourde Recreation Center was at its busiest on Sunday, March 15 when 518 prospective students and their families came together for Accept Assumption’s Academic and Services Fair.

Accept Assumption for Early Action students was held that Sunday after being postponed from the original February 15 date due to severe weather. It was formerly known as Accepted Student’s Day.

Sara Port, director of visit experiences in enrollment management, said the name was changed this year in order to “create a call to action—we’ve said yes to the accepted students and now it’s their turn to accept and say yes to Assumption.”

Both nervous and excited, people lined up to speak with faculty and student volunteers about their potential academics.

“They get a feel for Assumption by interacting with students and professors,” said Kate Pendleton, a sophomore Peer Minister at the fair.

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Army General announced as grad speaker

For seniors, the spring semester is filled with events, job interviews, résumé workshops and the stressful question: “what are you doing after graduation?”

But there’s always the lingering, more exciting thought: Who will be the Commencement speaker?

The excitement reached its peak when President Francesco Cesareo emailed the Student Body on Wednesday, March 11, announcing that alumnus Major General Robert Catalanotti ‘80 will make the Commencement speech to the graduating seniors this coming May.

“Major General Catalanotti was selected as this year’s Commencement speaker because his ability to lead and service to this country embody the values of a Catholic liberal arts education,” said Cesareo in the email. “He understands that the aim of such an education is to form virtuous citizens who will become advocates for the common good.”

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Brencher's More Love Letters

Texts, emails and 140 characters have become normal to the world, but for one Assumption College alumna 140 characters wouldn’t be enough to change the world with her words. Instead, writing 400 letters during a year of service in New York City and inspiring a movement to change the lives of many, is the way that 26-year-old Hannah Brencher, of the class of 2010, decided to spread messages of love and hope, one letter at a time.

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CSL Colloquium: A path of service & inspiration

On Monday, February 16 at 4 p.m., the College hosted their sixth annual Community Service Learning Student Colloquium in Testa’s Fuller Auditorium.

Guests, including both professors and students alike, filed in, taking refreshments and programs, as they filed into the room.

Dr. Mike Land, associate professor of English, opened the event, welcoming guests in attendance, then educating them about the College’s CSL programs and opportunities available to students during the 2014-2015 academic year, with a colorful PowerPoint presentation.

Land commented on the hard work that these particular CSL students have put in, saying, “I’m proud to be working in this group.”

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Seeing the law in action

“The people made the Constitution, and the people can unmake it. It is the creature of their will, and lives only by their will. But this supreme and irresistible power to make or to unmake resides only in the whole body of the people, not in any subdivision of them” wrote Chief Justice John Marshall in Cohens v. Virginia.

The United States Constitution highlights two principles: The individual liberties guaranteed by the Bill of Rights, and the importance of majority rule, which is the basis for a democracy. The clashes between these two principles are explored in Dr. Greg Weiner’s “Problems in Civil Liberties” course.

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The snow doesn't stop, but AC won't either

When students moved back to Assumption for the Spring 2015 semester, they were anticipating snow. However, nothing could’ve prepared them for the endless feet of snow. According to Worcester Magazine, the city has been hit with 91.4 inches of snow.

Classes that meet on Monday, Wednesday and Friday have already been cancelled four times (at least, as of Saturday, February 14) and classes that meet after 1:30 p.m. on Mondays have yet to meet. Those classes that have yet to meet are already a whole month behind schedule. Tuesday and Thursday classes have been cancelled twice, which isn’t as bad, but has still made a dent in class syllabi.

On Friday, February 13, the Dean of Undergraduate Studies, Dr. Eloise Knowlton, emailed students and faculty, stating her concerns about missing so much class time. She listed alternative methods that faculty can take to ensure that students still make up lost lessons.

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SGA holds third Student Forum

The Student Government Association (SGA) officially held this year’s student forum—closed doors to faculty and administration—on what proved to be a busy but diligent night for the attentive SGA executives.

Senior SGA President Nicole Breen kicked off the forum on Wednesday, February 11, at 7:30 p.m., by emphasizing to students the importance of the forum and how the anonymity of the event was a priority to the executives, so students could feel comfortable expressing their thoughts and concerns. The microphone was handed over to senior SGA Senate Speaker Jennifer Crea, as the official mediator between the students and the other SGA executives.

The forum was divided into three topics: Campus Life, Academics and Finance.

Breen and junior SGA Student Affairs Vice President Patrick Giroux dealt with questions regarding campus life.

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Mr. Greyhound grabs Mr. Worcester title

On Friday, January 30, five young men from Clark University, The College of The Holy Cross, Worcester Polytechnic Institute, Becker College and Assumption College competed for the coveted title of Mr. Worcester. Throughout the evening, the crowd was entertained by the talented and engaging contestants.

From Clark, Declan Grant entertained the audience with his stand up comedy and left the audience hanging with a knock-knock joke. He mentioned his friend, James Grant, as a Worcester celebrity and thanked him for making Clark the school for him and familiarizing him with the city.

Holy Cross’ contestant, Nate Chung, sang and performed an original piece on guitar. Chung charmed the audience by sharing his most embarrassing moment–walking around with a toilet paper tail. He also told us if he were to date a girl outside of Holy Cross, “he would choose a girl from Clark.”

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Fun in the sun? Fun in the snow.

The Greyhounds are known for being robust canines, but they’ve got nothing on the human Greyhounds— that is, the very own Assumption Student Body and administration. After nearly 3 feet of snow, the Hounds woke up on Wednesday, January 28, to a winter wonderland.

On Monday, January 26, Assumption cancelled classes that started after 1 p.m. and college offices remained open until 4 p.m. In an email sent out to the AC Community, it stressed the importance of safe travels for all of those who were leaving the campus; but it also provided tips for the students who remained on campus. The power, however, due to the light snow, stayed on throughout the storm.


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