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Two losses open season for Men's Lacrosse

On Saturday, February 22, Assumption College Men’s Lacrosse Team lost its home opener to non-conference foe and number 10-ranked Dowling College with a score of 12-4. 
The Greyhounds have lost both games so far this season. The Men’s Team dropped their first game of the season to top ranked Le Moyne by a score of 12-6 last week, while Dowling got their season off on the right foot starting off 1-0 after Saturday’s win.
Dowling senior attacker Kevin McElhone led the Golden Eagles with six goals on nine shots, while first year Chris Stemke garnered six points off of two assists and four goals on six shots. For the Greyhounds, all four goals were scored by different players. Senior Ian Mack continued his hot start with his fourth goal of the season. 

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Full Court Press

We like control. We, as in the human race, have developed ways to control disease, control what is put into food, control which channel is on the television and control policies and government. But we can’t (really) control the weather. 
And that’s a good thing. Don’t get me wrong, I think technology has a lot of powerful, beautiful benefits, but I also think it is extremely scary. Imagine living in a world where we could control the weather? It gives me nightmares.  


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