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Super Bowl commercials not worth super price tag

For someone who can watch sports, but doesn’t really care that much, the Super Bowl is a really weird time. Some years I think the game is really entertaining and I can get really into it, but other years the game is just kind of slow and boring. Some years the half-time show is amazing, and other years it’s absolutely terrible. Every year, however, there are those crazy commercials.

These commercials can be funny, heart-warming, depressing, weird or just down right terrible. But, it is always something that never seems to disappoint when the Super Bowl comes around. There’s always some commercial that ends up getting a ton of attention for either how great or how crazy it was. That’s what makes them so entertaining: with each commercial you don’t know if you’re going to get something amazing or 30 seconds of sheer panic.

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Find your people

One physical therapist, one speech language pathologist, one rehabilitation counselor, one chemist and two educators. A Plourde supervisor, track captain, theater kid, water girl, tutor and an HMEA behavior therapist. Six very different girls living in a valley apartment, but somehow we have thrived all four years no more than a hallway away from each other.

I could not tell you what it was exactly that brought me to Assumption College four years ago, but I am confident that it was the right decision. I remember move in day like it was yesterday: a bunch of random athletes emptying my car and moving me into my tiny triple in Salisbury Hall, meeting my two random roommates and praying that we would be friends or at least survive living together. I lucked out. It was as simple as that. Those two random girls became my best friends and still are to this day.

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Community service credits

As students, it’s our job to take classes. With those classes, we get plenty of fun work to do in terms of readings, essays, exams and quizzes to study for and essays. That’s just being a student. It’s what we have to do in order to earn the credits we need to graduate. At Assumption, there are tons of different classes to choose from, with some being more strenuous then others.

Some of the more challenging courses are Community Service Learning (CSL) classes, which often require students to participate in a certain amount of community service hours, normally from around 15 to 25, in order to pass the class. Accomplishing this is a lot more difficult than it seems, especially for students who work, play a sport or are highly involved with other clubs.

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On my own

I know Valentine’s Day has already passed, but this year, the holiday held a great deal of significance for me. I’ll throw it out there: I’m single. I figured that the romantic holiday would be lonely and sad, but I was pleasantly surprised.

Valentine’s Day is about love, but it doesn’t strictly mean romantic love. When I was in middle school and my friends were starting to get boyfriends, I wanted nothing more than for a boy to buy me cheap gas station flowers and a heart shaped box of chocolates to reveal that he had been harboring a secret crush on me.

On Valentine’s Days when I had a boyfriend, I never fully committed to the over-the-top romance. The first year I actually had a boyfriend on February 14, I worked until 10 p.m. and he showed up with a Mrs. Fields cookie cake, which was incredible. Another year, my boyfriend at the time surprised me by picking me up and taking me to a Bruins game, which is probably the best present ever.

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American Sign Language doesn't count toward core

American Sign Language is a foreign language and should be credited as such. Massachusetts state legislature recognizes ASL as “a standard, independent language with its own grammar, syntax, vocabulary and cultural heritage.” However, it does not require institutions to count it as such. Assumption College offers two sign courses which have both counted as Human Services and Rehabilitation courses for the past 25 years.

I emailed Dr. Susan Scully-Hill, the head of Human Services and Rehabilitation department, and she commented that “The HSRS Department’s focus on disability and also our concentration in Communication Sciences and Disorders provides an appropriate home for American Sign Language.”

Although this is true, if the course was also offered as a foreign language credit, it would offer more utility to the students as a foreign language is capable of replacing the science requirement in the older version of the core curriculum.

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Feel the Bern: a permanent message

Bernie Sanders tattoos.

Is this really what politics is turning into in this country?

So I have been hearing about this phenomenon among supporters of Bernie Sanders, and apparently quite a few of them, especially in Vermont, have been getting “Feel the Bern” tattoos. The tattoo consists of Bernie Sander’s hair and glasses. Their dedication is truly mindboggling. It is especially perplexing since I think these tattoos are a horrible idea.

The fact that I think it is a bad idea has nothing to do with Bernie Sanders himself; I would feel the same way if people were doing the same for any of the other candidates. But where to begin?

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Is television calling for a major overhaul?

I’ve always stood behind the idea that if you were in jail for a crime you committed, you deserve it and shouldn’t be let out early. If you killed someone you do deserve to sit in a cell and not be in the general population, and if you act out I do believe solitary confinement is an option for a short period of time.

But after watching shows like Making a Murderer and Orange is the New Black, I find it kind of hard to stand behind the idea that everyone is in their respective jail entirely through their own fault. These shows make you feel bad for the inmates and it makes you wonder just how much is their fault.

Take for instance Taystee, from OITNB: she was in a foster home for most of her life, and when she was adopted by Vee, the only mother figure she had, she was brought up in a drug running house.

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Am I having fun yet?

I have a confession for you all, and please don’t judge me too hard for it. I was lying in bed last night (Tuesday) and I was annoyed that I couldn’t fall asleep. I tried everything; I counted sheep, I tried to open my window to cool down and I even did some yoga.

But nothing worked. My mind was going a mile a minute, and I kept humming these lyrics in my head over and over, and this is where I have to apologize to you all that read this.

“It’s not like you to say sorry. I was waiting on a different story. This time I’m mistaken, for handing you a heart worth breaking. And I’ve been wrong, I’ve been down, been to the bottom of every bottle. These five words in my head scream ‘are we having fun yet?”

Yes, that is Nickleback, and I love them shamelessly. Chad Kroeger seems to just understand my life and be able to relate, even though in hindsight my life isn’t all that bad.

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Is technology really destroying our social skills?

My generation might be the one of the last that can communicate with each other face to face. However, I’m not even so sure that we can do that anymore.

Okay, I am exaggerating, but I do not think that my perception of this phenomenon in our culture is so far-fetched.

Here’s the deal: on one hand, technology has opened up a whole new world of communication, and it continues to do so. Technology has made it possible for companies to collaborate internationally, and families and friends can stay connected despite distances. And though I am a believer in making friends through face-to-face communication, I must admit that the internet has helped blossom many of my friendships.

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"Mercy Beyond Measure" speaker gave no mercy to student leaders

On Monday, January 25, student leaders attended an event with a speaker on relationships that all student leaders were required to attend: “Mercy Beyond Measure: A Conversation About Love, Relationships, Forgiveness and Healing.”

The email read that speaker Joe Krans would come to discuss healthy relationships with a more Catholic perspective. This seemed innocent enough and was conveyed as if the speaker was going to give advice on healthy styles of relationships.

This could not have been a more wrongheaded assumption. Krans began the discussion with the usual prayer that is often given at the beginning of meetings at our Catholic school. Soon after the prayer is when the trouble started.


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