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Cancellation policy needs to change

Assumption is in the snowbelt and we all know what that means: the likely chance of snow days. Our inner-child gets excited by the idea that we don’t have to trudge outside into the depths of the snow. Instead, we stay cuddled up in our beds watching endless amount of Netflix. That’s great and all, but snow days are not called in order to give us Netflix; they’re called for safety reasons. Assumption’s cancellation policy suggests that we students are more concerned with our inner-child than safety. 

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Student looks forward to SEND trip

Next month, I will be doing something that I would never imagine myself doing. I will be traveling to Trenton, N.J. on my very first SEND trip. SEND is a program here at Assumption that allows students to travel to different states and different countries to work with different types of communities, learn more about themselves and more about their faith lives. I wanted to find out more about the mission and goals of the program, so I contacted Vincent Sullivan-Jacques, the Assistant Director of the Campus Ministry Program. I was provided with different information that further explained what SEND is, including the purpose of the program. 

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Confessions of a Canadian

I think we all remember the night Marissa Cooper (Newport’s elite debutante and, more importantly, fictional The OC character) died. Maybe you shed tears, maybe you listened to Imogen Heap’s version of “Hallelujah” on repeat or perhaps you really poured salt on the wound and you opened up your season one playlist, filled with Death Cab, Jem and Phantom Planet, and you focused on the happier days. The happier days that could be no more.
We all can thank Josh Schwartz (OC creator) for throwing such a dark cloud over our The Summer Before Tenth Grade break.

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Pretty Little Liars pleasantly surprises

The hit TV show series Pretty Little Liars has been known to leave viewers on the edge of their seats and leave very few disappointed. Last week’s episode was no exception to this fact. If anything, it went above and beyond expectations of the viewers, leaving them with their jaws dropped in anticipation of the episodes to come. The whole season has lead up to the moment when Aria finds out Ezra’s little secret. 
The episode opens up with a very confused Spencer Hastings, her head lying on the desk of Mr. Ezra Fitz and the diary of her friend Alison underneath her. Spencer is so convinced that Ezra is the mastermind  known as “A” behind the crazy situatuations being thrown at her and her friends throughout the course of the series. She tells Emily and Hanna that the sooner they tell Aria the better, because she becomes fearful of Ezra every day. 

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Assumption Assurance a good deal

College is a time of unimaginable stress: Will I pass this exam? Are you really asking me to write a 20 page paper? How am I going to get all of this work done, go to my CAB meeting and win my intramural tonight? Am I in the right major? Am I going to get a job? What am I supposed to do if the major I’m passionate about doesn’t get me a job? And perhaps the biggest one of them all: how will I ever pay for all of this? 
Luckily for us Hounds, Assumption, in some respects, has alleviated some of that stress after recently announcing a tuition freeze beginning after the increase for the 2014-2015 school year. Pretty much, this means the tuition you pay next year will be your tuition until you graduate. Pretty cool, right?


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