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Radioactive Leakage in Japan Leads to Environmental Change

In late August, evidence revealed that the effects of the 2011 tsunami are still being felt in Japan. Gallons of radioactive contaminants are now seeping into the ocean.

Japan now finds itself in a state of panic as the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant suffers from what is now being called a level three “serious incident.”

The plant has been facing difficulty ever since it was damaged by a devastating earthquake and tsunami in March of 2011. Recently, however, radioactive contaminated water has been leaking from the plant’s steel storage tanks, making its way into the Pacific Ocean.

Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO) built the tanks, which were designed to temporarily store water that was used to cool down radioactive fuel after three nuclear reactors went into meltdown during the 2011 catastrophe. Meltdown occurs when the core of a nuclear reactor becomes so overheated that radiation is released.

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President Cesareo Welcomes Students to the 2013-2014 Year

The start of a new academic year provides the opportunity to reflect upon the purpose of an Assumption education. The starting point for such a reflection is Fr. d’Alzon’s vision for education. Fr. d’Alzon repeatedly spoke of forming “people of character” recognizing that there was “an urgent need to form men and women of character, whose intellect was enlightened by faith, and who were able to assume leadership roles at all levels.”

To accomplish this, you need to stretch your mind, to grow and to ask questions so that you come to appreciate that education, as St. Augustine believed, focuses on what it means to be human. You will discover what it means to be human because the liberal arts education you will receive here will allow you to develop your human potential.

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Matriculation: Class of 2017 Welcomed to Assumption College

 New opportunities yield the paths to success, new experiences bring forth personal growth and new beginnings call for celebration.
 An overwhelming sense of community was all that could be felt in the Plourde Recreation Center, as the newest members of Assumption College gathered together on Tuesday, September 3, at the Class of 2017 Matriculation Ceremony, to be welcomed into the distinguished community by its faculty, staff and student leaders.
After completing their first day of classes, the formally dressed first-year students assembled together on the football field where they waited in eager anticipation for the ceremony to commence. They were then led through a sea of white shirts and khaki pants, worn by the student leaders who greeted them just before they entered the building.


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