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Healing after tragic Orlando shooting

Orlando, FL., where Mickey Mouse and sunny days seem to have no end, took a dark turn on an early summer morning. June 12, 2016 is marked by the horrific events that took place at Pulse Nightclub in downtown Orlando. Around two in the morning, a man from Port St. Lucie, FL. named Omar Mateen entered the nightclub and opened fire. Over several hours, the deadliest mass shooting in United States history unfolded, leaving 49 people dead and 53 injured.

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Louisiana flooding

It has been just around a month since the rain began to fall in the southern part of Louisiana. According to CNN, Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards said that this is a “truly historic event” that has put thousands of families out of their homes, a traumatizing natural disaster that doesn’t seem to be over anytime soon.
An estimated 60,646 houses were damaged and 30,000 people were rescued in the past month. This natural disaster has left households completely uninhabitable, forcing many families to live in hotels or stay with family. The problem with families staying in a hotel for an extended amount of time is that they are responsible to pay the day fee of the hotel. Overtime the money starts to add up and when families are without work, money is tight.

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Library renovations enhance student experience

The Emmanuel d’Alzon Library renovation roll-out was September 8, where those involved explained what they did to make these changes happen. The renovations completes by the library space committee with the help of others, only took four months to complete. There were around 20 students and faculty members in attendance. The openness and increase in study rooms on the first floor of the library are two of the most dramatic changes.
“So far the feedback that we’ve received anecdotally from just talking to students, looking at the rooms and seeing how students are using them, it looks like they’re really grateful and excited about having additional group study rooms,” said head of the Research Support Services Phil Waterman. He went on to explain, “We’ve heard how much brighter the space seems without the shelving and how much more open it is.”

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Hound Store renovations

The Hound Store, the main retailer of Assumption College gear and merchandise on campus and online, signed a contract with Barnes and Noble College in the spring of 2016 to enhance both the store’s visual appeal and functionality.
Barnes & Noble Education, Inc. announced on May 24 that Assumption College would be one of 14 colleges and universities to partner with Barnes & Noble College to manage their campus bookstores. The company operates 748 stores across the country, at which over five million students and faculty attend.
Patrick Maloney, President of Barnes & Noble College, stated in his announcement, “We create and operate campus stores that are focal points for college life and learning and are designed to enhance the educational mission of the school, enliven campus culture and deliver an important revenue stream to our partner colleges and universities…Our new partnerships continue to deepen our commitment to serve.”

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First-year student move in

The air was cooler but still humid just before 9 a.m. on Friday, August 26, 2016.
Student leaders, student athletes and administrators alike waited for the first cars to roll up to the first-year residence halls. When driving onto campus, Alumni and Desautels Halls would be the first residence halls that students would pass. For a good portion of the students moving in that day, it would be their stop.
Other residence halls where groups of greeters and helpers were stationed were Salisbury Hall, Hanrahan Hall, Nault Hall and Worcester Hall for some of the transfer students arriving that day.
Over in the Alumni/ Desautels area, there were over a hundred students moving in to the adjacent residence halls.

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Brock Turner

Brock Turner’s release after only three months is not a good message to women who are being raped or sexually assaulted. Brock Turner, a former Stanford University swimmer, was released from jail on September 2, 2016. He only served three months for sexual by assaulting an unconscious woman behind a dumpster on January 17, 2015.
Turner was found guilty of three counts of sexual assault and faced a maximum of 14 years in state prison in March 2016. Three months later, his sentencing was reduced to six months in county jail and probation.
The victim wrote a letter to the judge explaining how her whole day went about and how the situation has not only affected her but her family as well. She learned about her assault over the news, not from the police.

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Working on Closing the Wage Gap

In 2015, full-time working females made 79 cents for every dollar earned by men, according to Since 2015, full-time working females have made 20 cents more on average than in 1963 when the Equal Pay act was enacted, writes Steady is not fast enough.
Disputes regarding the authenticity of the gender pay gap have been relevant, and are still relevant. Many argue that women do not get paid more because they are not pushy, or simply do not ask. Statistics proven by researchers from the Cass Business School, the University of Warwick and the University of Wisconsin, say that women varying in age ask for wage rises just as often as men, though men are 25 per cent more likely to get a raise if they ask, according to

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"Aca-family" had another aca-awesome year

Hound Sound, Assumption’s very own coed a cappella group, had its final performance of the academic year last Saturday, April 16. With an audience of nearly 200, the a cappella group rang out a busy year with our Spring Showcase in Hagan Campus Center.

Decked out in flowery dresses and pastel ties, we sang our hearts out for our family and friends the songs we have been preparing for months.

According to Kara O’Connell, Hound Sound’s Social Media and Marketing Executive, “it was lit.”
The performance included songs ranging from Jason Derulo’s “Trumpets” to Stevie Wonder’s “Signed Sealed Delivered.”

Most of our songs are chosen based on interest, but some were arranged upon request. Worcester’s Pathways for Change sexual assault resource center invited us to sing Lady Gaga’s “Till it Happens to You” at City Hall for the kickoff of Sexual Assault Awareness month.

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Don't do drugs, kids

It is already the end of the semester and we are getting closer and closer to summer, but the only thing that is impeding you from glorious summer is your final assignments and exams. We all aspire to to do well in school, but it could be hard sometimes to truly sit down, to not be distracted, and get the work done. We all at times can fall for the classic college trap of “procrastination,” which at times cannot have the best results. Students might experience an “all-nighter,” anxiety, or take drastic measures by uptaking an unprescribed prescription of adderall in order to get all of their work done.   

Adderall, when used correctly with a prescription for those who have ADD or ADHD, can be very helpful. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, Adderall is a stimulant. Stimulants work by increasing dopamine levels in the brain—dopamine is a neurotransmitter associated with pleasure, movement, and attention.

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Trump talking trash again

The name Donald Trump is synonymous with words such as “deportation” and “immigration reform,” often because of the emphasis that he puts on these issues in his speeches to the American public. Nearly everyone who has been paying attention to the presidential race is familiar with Trump’s ideas regarding illegal immigrants.

According to his official campaign website,, the three main principles of immigration reform are building a wall along the southern border of this country, laws passed by the government must be enforced and the immigration plan that is put into place must improve the jobs, wages and security for all Americans. However, the deportation ideas that Trump has proposed cause the most unrest among the public.

He vowed in August of 2015 that he would deport 11 million undocumented immigrants by use of a “deportation force.” CNN quoted Trump about this from his talk on MSNBC’s Morning Joe.


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