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Faculty Corner: Discovering what the world can offer

One man thought he had terminal cancer and prepared himself for death, only to find he was going to live. Instead of being overjoyed, he plunged into a deep depression, which he would cure by volunteering his construction skills for people around the country. Another person co-founded a spiritual community and lived in poverty with them until God revealed their mission—ministering to the needs of undocumented immigrants. Then there was the child who saw a piece on television about the abuse of wild horses; decades later, she decided she could keep settling for being angry about it—or create something positive, the Return to Freedom wild horse sanctuary, where close to 300 horses now roam.

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Klezmer All Stars come to campus and play jazz concert in Hagan Hall

On Wednesday, April 23, bassist Jim Guttmann of the Klezmer Conservatory Band brought his Klezmer All Stars to Assumption College’s Hagan Hall for a Klezmer concert. The concert featured many different jazz traditional Klezmer music as well as Klezmer-jazz, Klezmer-Latin and Klezmer-R&B fusions and was attended by both Assumption students and community members alike.

The event was free of charge and open to the public. It was a part of one of a series of HumanArts events that have been held this year, both on campus and in the city of Worcester. Trumpets, saxophones, a violin, a guitar, drums, a trombone, a bass and a piano were among the many musical instruments featured in the Klezmer jazz concert. Klezmer music is a traditional variety of music that was originally created and celebrated by the Jewish peoples of Eastern Europe.

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According to Alex

Confession: I was a member of the Hanraclan. Yes, I lived in that moldy, temporary, ski lodge of a building atop the Hill that is humorously marketed as “Honors housing.” I moved in and fit perfectly with the motley crew of freshman wielding shiny new iPads around campus and spending Saturday nights watching movies in the common room. Every night at 5:15 we would gather in the lobby and head down to Taylor Dining Hall as a pack, not realizing for months that the rest of the world thought we were weird (we still are, by the way).

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Antholis delivers annual lecture speaking on China and India

On Tuesday, April 22, William Antholis spoke at Assumption College’s annual Business Ethics lecture. The author of Inside Out, India and China and Fast Forward Ethnic and Political in the Age of Global Warming spoke to the small group about the subject of his books, China and India.

Inside Out, India and China focuses on dozens of local governments in China and India that regularly make decisions with global implications. He stresses in the book the urgent need for the United States leaders to change their approach and leaders.

Fast Forward Ethnic and Political in the Age of Global Warming talks about global warming, the threat that demands action. Antholis with the help of Strobe Talbott, guides the readers through two decades of climate change, politics and diplomacy.

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Track team hosts 5K Light the Night Dash

Assumption College hosted a 5K run on Saturday, April 26 at 8 p.m. This nighttime race was put on and planned by Assumption’s Track and Field Team.

The Greyhounds Light the Night 5K Dash is a partnership between the members of the Track and Field Program and the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. The idea came to the team after one of their members was diagnosed in November with lymphoma. Head Coach of Track and Field Stacie Wentz said it was her athletes who approached her with the idea.

“The team came to me and wanted to fundraise for the society to support their teammate,” Wentz said.

This event has become the team’s latest project, and all members have been involved with recruiting runners and walkers. All the team members worked the event as well. Junior Ashley Fuller helped to design the event’s logo that appeared on the event’s applications and T-shirts.

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Assumption College Chorale performs at Mechanics Hall

On April 12 at Mechanics Hall in downtown Worcester, the Assumption College Chorale celebrated its 30th anniversary alongside the acclaimed Salisbury Singers in a performance of Beethoven’s “Missa Solemnis.”
The concert was broken down into five sections: Kyrie, Gloria, Credo, Sanctus-Benedictus and Agnus Dei with four soloists. The concert was performed uninterrupted with only a two-minute rest between Gloria and Credo.
Soloists included soprano Diana McVey, mezzo-soprano Deborah Rentz- Moore, tenor and Assumption 1982 alumnus tenor Ray Bauwens and baritone Dana Whiteside.

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Notre Dame professor visits campus to present lecture to Tagaste students

On Tuesday, March 24, Professor John C. Cavadini of Notre Dame University visited Assumption College to give a lecture to students in the Tagaste Program about the life and philosophy of St. Augustine in the Salon of La Maison Français.

Cavadini discussed the idea of pride, what it meant to Augustine and how it challenges the faith of today’s society while making it relatable to young adults. According to Cavadini, Augustine’s philosophy states that this sense of pride as a certain variety of selfishness is the emotion that is connected to every sin and that all sins are in some way reflective of this sin of pride. He discussed the reasons why pride is sinful. He noted that as an emotion, pride is something that is a failing of the imagination to recognize the suffering of those around us.

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Students perform '13 Ways to Screw Up Your College Interview (and 14 more)'

Not many people find themselves googling “13 Ways to Screw up Your College Interview,” never mind searching for an additional 14. The weekend of March 28, the Merely Players Acting Club at Assumption College put on the play “13 Ways to Screw up Your College Interview (And 14 More)” to show every one of us exactly what not to do during the crucial college interview part of the application process.

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According to Alex

As senior year starts to wrap up, I have been thinking a lot about what my four years at Assumption College have taught me. The list of things I will take from this time is long, but a lot of those lessons did not happen in the classroom and most of them didn’t even happen on this campus. They happened in two very specific places that are farther from Worcester, Mass. than you may imagine.

During the Fall Semester of 2012, I lived in Barcelona, Spain. I studied at Universitat Autónoma de Barcelona and took the metro to class every day.

I stumbled as I spoke Spanish to the cashier at the supermarket and spent hours (literally) getting lost in the streets of the most colorful, vibrant and active place I have ever experienced. When it came time to come home, I wept in the taxi on the way to the airport, devastated to be leaving a place that had taught me how to survive getting pickpocketed and what good sangría tastes like.

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Davis lectures on the Canvas Peace Project

Cynthia Davis visited Assumption College on Monday, March 31 to discuss her Canvas Peace Project in hopes of educating students on her story and how we, too, can make changes in our lives no matter how big or small they may be. Davis was introduced by Dr. Dona Kercher, chairperson of the Women’s Studies Department, who sponsored the event.

It all started with a blue notecard. Before Davis began, she asked us to write down something that we loved and cared about. It could be absolutely anything, and she said we would revisit it later. Davis discussed with us an acronym that she came up with called “EIPA” which stands for experience, exposure, impact, inspire, interest, passion and action to illustrate how when something affects you, it can result in you making real changes and getting others to change.


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