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Wealth is more than just money

My great uncle passed away the other week, and with that came the wake and funeral.

We arrived just after 5 p.m. and walked through the large white doors with robust golden handles, signed our family name in the visitation book and were greeted by a desk chalked full of achievements and accolades reflecting back on the decades that once composed a man’s life.

Proceeding through the conveyer belt that is a wake, a flat screen television slowly shuffled snippets of moments encapsulated in a single frame of a picture.

An emotion, a breath so much alive no longer.

I knelt, motioned my left thumb to my forehead, then my chest, my left and right shoulder and I said a small prayer to a man I never really had the opportunity to get to know.

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MUSE wants to publish your work

If you are a writer who spends your spare time jotting down short stories and poems you’d really love to share or are an artist who would really like to see your latest art project in print, don’t miss the chance to submit to Muse, Assumption College’s Literary Magazine. It is always an accomplishment to see your own creation published, especially before you present yourself to the professional world of employers, publishers, art exhibitionists and so many more.

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Hounds Away from Home: Barcelona

It’s been a month since I moved out of my apartment at Assumption College and a week since I said see you later to snowy Massachusetts. To think that I am sitting here on the balcony of my new apartment in Barcelona, Spain is still so surreal to me. As a child, I dreamt of traveling the world. The first opportunity that was presented to me was at Assumption College. They partner with American Institute of Foreign Studies in order for students to study and have internships in many different countries around the world. AIFS is the program I used in order to make this dream come true.

On my way to Barcelona, I stayed three days in London, England visiting various recognizable locations including Buckingham Palace, Trafalgar Square, the Houses of Parliament, Westminster Abbey, the Tower of London, London Bridge, Big Ben and Elizabeth Tower.

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PAWS plans a fun, healthy semester

Peers Advocating Wellness for Students is a general-wellness club that focuses on the importance of providing a healthy, safe and comfortable environment for all students at Assumption College. PAWS is a network of dedicated, motivated and passionate students, who want to help inform and correct our students’ common misconceptions of substances, relationships, mental wellness and physical health. PAWS is a diverse group of students that want to seek change on our campus by educating, advocating and supporting our students through interactive, impactful and creative programs and meetings.

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Do you love your melon?

Love Your Melon is an organization run by college students across the nation on a mission to end pediatric cancer one hat at a time. Alexandra Omobono and Emily Simpson brought Love Your Melon onto Assumption’s campus in May of 2015. Since then, we have gained 18 amazing crewmembers that have sold over 1,100 hats to peers, family and alumni meaning that as a crew we have raised over $17,000 for pediatric cancer research funds. Crazy right? The support that we have received from students, faculty and alumni has been unbelievable and we could not be more grateful. We are changing so many lives together.

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Why Thanksgiving Is Great

During the course of my last year here at Assumption College, I have reflected on what life has allowed me to take advantage of and how I plan to utilize multiple resources in the near future.

While I enjoy my time here at school with good friends and company, I also enjoy spending time with my family during periodical school breaks. This past Thanksgiving break gave me the opportunity to do just that and reflect on where life is currently guiding me.

Upon completion of the day’s classes almost two weeks ago, I made the 45-minute trip down the pike to my hometown of Wrentham, Massachusetts. Every time I come back home, I always think about what my family has in store for the following days ahead.

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Poetry Slam Brings Crowd To ALANA Event

Poetry is an art form that has made history for centuries around the world. This art allows human language to be expressed in various different ways. Poetry is special because the creator has a complete freedom to express him or herself however he or she wants to, with no restrictions on what the creator is able to do. This is where human imagination takes over and can lead to greatness.

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As Told By Caitlin

Here’s the thing. I like Christmas as much as the next person. I’m all for rocking around the Christmas tree and hanging stockings by the chimney, although you won’t find me waiting around under the mistletoe. I still leave out cookies for Santa and I make my parents wait until after I go to bed to put out the presents. But what I don’t understand is why Christmas doesn’t feel like Christmas anymore.

Maybe it’s because I live at school, which means I don’t get a full month of tree decorating with my family. Maybe it’s because I’m older now and I don’t write letters to the North Pole and listen intently on Christmas Eve in the hopes of hearing Rudolph and friends land on the roof.

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Why Horizon Is The Best

Every emotion and feeling was experienced on this year’s retreat. The Horizon Retreat, also known as “START 2” took place on Friday, November 13 through Sunday, November 15 at St. Benedict Abbey in Still River, Massachusetts. The retreat was introduced to Assumption by Campus Ministry in 2002 and is a great way to branch out, meet new people and get in touch with your inner faith while feeling the presence of Christ within you.

The retreat is only offered once during the academic year and is the second retreat organized by Campus Ministry. Signing up to go on the retreat is extremely competitive, as there are a limited amount of spots. This year, all of the spots remarkably filled up in just over a minute. However, I promise that it is worth your time to make an effort and sign up, as you will not regret your decision.

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Ed's Adventures

“How are youz todi?” a little girl holding a stuffed doll said to me.

“Well I’m good, how are you?” I replied.

“Oktay, my mommy made me come here todi, and I just want sum jeeush.” she said.

So I stood up and grabbed a juice box for the young girl and we played while her mother was talking to one of the employees at local organization Friendly House.


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