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A universal word understood by millions. But what does it mean. Yes the dictionary has the definition of a state of being happy. So then what does happy mean? What does it take to be ‘happy’? Does money, success, fancy cars; the nicest things make people happy? Many would argue that yes, all of those ‘things’ I listed above do bring happiness.

I would then arise the question, then how can someone with nothing be happy? Most will look back and not know what to say.

For me, it is simple. I doesn’t take all of those ‘things’ to be happy, it actually takes nothing, it’s a mindset. Happiness is a mindset that can be obtained and achieved at any moment of your life. Even in rough times or rainy days. Think back to a bad day you had. There was a moment during that day where something made you smile, a tweet, a meme or a joke a friend said to you. It didn’t take all the money and all of the nicest things to feel that sensation of happiness.

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Black History Month

In honor of Black History Month, the African-Latino/Hispanic-Asian-and-Native-American Network will present various events on and off campus to celebrate the month and the meaning behind it. One successful event that previously took place recently is the Selma movie screening. The Campus Activities Board made the screening event possible with the contribution of the ALANA Network and co-sponsors. The Selma screening took place January 20 in Kennedy Hall room 112 and had a great turn out. The movie focused on Martin Luther King, Jr.’s campaign of voting rights and equality for all minorities with a march from Selma to Montgomery, Alabama in 1965.

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SGA Perspective

It seems like just yesterday I was relaxing on my couch with my puppy, Hayden, and enjoying some much needed time off. But somehow we have already been back at school for a month. And in that month, the Student Government Association has been very busy with some new initiatives. One of the new initiatives we have started is a survey called the Thursday Three. The purpose of this survey is to get feedback from students about different areas of campus in a quick and simple way.

We get a lot of surveys sent to us from Assumption, and a lot of them are rather long and take awhile to complete. SGA wanted to create a quick, three question survey that could be completed in under 30 seconds. In this way, we could get valuable feedback from students, and students would only be occupied for under a minute.

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February: a month full of fun events

February is a great month in the Assumption College Campus Activities Board world. CAB has a lot of events planned in the short month—only 29 days and five events ranging from weeklong to everyone’s favorite weekend entertainment events.

February started off with Social Media Week. CAB usually does two Social Media Weeks during the year, with one during the fall semester and the other one during the spring semester. What was exciting about this Social Media Week is that CAB used a theme that encompassed the overall week.

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Hounds Away From Home: Rome

Saturday, January 23, somewhere around 4 p.m. 17 exhausted college students arrive at Villino Dufault and have to drag themselves and the luggage that contains their entire lives up a hill that rivals the one leading to the LLC.

Not two hours later we were out and about on the streets of Rome, visiting some of the most famous sights and eating conefulls of gelato, trying to keep jetlag at bay. The Pantheon, the Trevi Fountain and the Spanish Steps were all incredible, even in our sleep-deprived state.

Now, almost two weeks later, we are in the full swing of classes. Having seen many more sights (including the Coliseum, the Forum and the Vatican) and can get around Rome on public transportation with almost no help from professors.

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Why We Need Science, not Philosophy #6

Are you getting your money’s worth?

Am I getting my money’s worth for what?, you ask.

That’s easy. Are you getting your money’s worth for your AC education?

As you learn in economics, money is the medium of exchange, a measure of how much something is worth. So… How much are you (or someone else) paying for you to attend Assumption College? How much money are you paying for each three-credit course you take? Or each class-period lecture? The numbers change from year to year, but what’s the total of American tuition-dollars necessary to earn an undergraduate BA degree at AC?

Oh, yes, also get out your AC Catalogue, check out the ‘expenses’ page, and add everything up. Once you’ve finished, sit back, reflect, think hard, and ask yourself, “Is the education I’m receiving worth the thousands of American dollars I or someone else is paying for it?”

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ALANA: diversity for everyone

Black History Month is an annual celebration of achievements and influences of Black Americans and a time for recognizing the central role of African Americans in U.S. history. Black History is U.S. history. This month is special for a large majority of America’s population. When I hear the title “Black History Month,” I think about freedom. Freedom that African Americans and other minorities have been waiting a very long time for.

Freedom from the shackles that have been restricting us from feeling proud about our various skin colors. By recognizing and celebrating Black History, we acknowledge that change is possible and inevitable. We can only hope that skin color will not continue to divide us but unite us. We must realize that race is not a biological term, but simply a man-made ideology.

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New Year new events

The spring semester of 2016 is packed with a full schedule for the Campus Activities Board. On Saturday, January 23, CAB will be having an event called Simply Unemployable. This is a very exciting improvisation group. Their skits are hilarious, and CAB enjoyed watching them during their trip to the National Association for Campus Activities conference. Another event that the activities board will be putting on in the month of January is a travel event to New York City. A group of students is going see the Broadway show Wicked at the Gershwin Theatre.

CAB works really hard every week to put on exciting events for the Assumption students. During the welcome weekend events, CAB collaborated with SGA to put on two wonderful events. The first event was Friday, January 15 and it was a Flashback Friday dance party.

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SGA Perspective: Welcome Back

Welcome Back. It’s with hopes that you had an enjoyable and relaxing break. Though short, it is great to be back on campus for the second, and last semester, of the academic year.

Some have been asking why break is so short this year, and one of the main reasons is March being so short, with both Spring Break and Easter Break occurring in March. However—though it may have been a bummer coming back earlier than previous years, if you’re an underclassman, take advantage of the opportunity of getting out earlier in April If we’re the first students out compared to other students at colleges and universities, then that gives us an edge over others for jobs and internships. It’s a competitive market out there for summer opportunities, so take this advice, apply now and make it known that you can be available sooner than most since Assumption ends earlier than most.

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March for Life

As I write this, the event for which I was supposed to be writing, the March for Life trip to Washington, D.C. has been cancelled by Assumption due to the impending snowstorm. This gives me an opportunity to write about what Advocates for Life does on an everyday basis and what everyone on Assumption’s campus could do for the pro-life movement if they are unable to attend the annual March for Life, which many are not.

Advocates for Life is a group, under Campus Ministry, which tries to bring about awareness to the damage that abortion causes. This group is led by Amber Kelley, a junior, who is passionate about this cause and lives out in a public way what the group stands for, as well as Mary Boulton, Kaitlin Henry, Sarah Clancy and Corinne Murphy.

The main message of Advocates is to love both the mother and the child because damage is caused both physically and emotionally to both individuals. This love for both cannot be stressed enough.


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