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Music review: Ought's new album

You could call Ought a punk band, or you could call them a bunch of pretentious art rockers trying to pass for authentic punk. Either way, genre seems like an outdated construct to them. Ought shrugs off with aplomb any preconceived notions on their sophomore release Sun Coming Down. Take lead single “Beautiful Blue Sky” as the album’s finest example of such self-assured disinterest.

Guitarist and vocalist Tim Beeler Darcy, Ought’s X factor, namechecks the mundane pleasantries we exchange in everyday life: “Fancy seeing you here/ How’s the church?/ How’s the job?/ How’s the family?/ Beautiful weather today/ Time and off again.” Do these words really have meaning? Such is the central conceit to Ought’s lyricism: question the ordinary not with vitriol but with a sense of sardonic wit.

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Disney making waves with announcement of a new princess

Disney’s reveal of 14-year-old Auli’i Cravalho voicing Disney’s newest princess was marked on October 7, according to the Huffington Post, Moana. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson will be Cravalho’s co-star in the upcoming animation.

The Huffington Post reported that Disney had auditioned hundreds of people in the Pacific Ocean region to play Moana. Disney had an open casting call in hopes to find the perfect match for Moana’s voice. They were looking for someone fearless, curious and with the talent to sing. Cravahlo was the last audition, and landed the part.

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Old classic reigns supreme

Happy October, everybody. The time of year when the leaves change, the air chills, and all things turn spooky. In honor of this killer season (see what I did there?), Netflix has done the best and worst thing it could possibly to for college students: they put a bunch of beloved Halloween movies and creepy TV shows on streaming.

While I would love to recommend The X Files with Fox “Spooky” Mulder and the enigmatic Dr. Dana Scully, experience tells me the show is not for everyone (it’s from the 90’s; fluffy hair, aliens, questionable fashion choices, you get the picture). So my Netflix Pick of the Month for October is something that I think everyone can enjoy: The Addams Family.

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Netflix, why have you forsaken me?

Since 1997, Netflix has provided people around the world the chance to watch movies and TV shows on nearly any electronic device. More than 65 million people from over 50 countries are currently using Netflix. But there is a complaint I have heard frequently from serious Netflix users: many people think that the selection available on Netflix is not nearly large enough.

I use Netflix nearly every day, and I am always annoyed by their movie selection. Actually, it’s not annoyance; it’s disappointment. Very few new releases are put on Netflix. Almost no high-budget films show up. If any major blockbuster is on Netflix, it is invariably taken off in a few weeks.

For example, about a month ago I saw Gladiator was available on Netflix. I was very happy to see it there. It’s a great movie. But it is 15 years old. And after waiting 15 years for it to arrive on Netflix, I will probably have to say goodbye to it in a month or two.

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Irwin dedicates dance to late father

For 21 seasons, Dancing With The Stars contestants have made us cry with their compassionate dances that tug at our heartstrings. This current season proved no different, with one contestant delivering a dance that left everyone in the audience and watching at home in tears.

17-year-old Bindi Irwin is a competitor on season 21 of Dancing With The Stars, partnered with five-time champion Derek Hough. Bindi Irwin is the daughter of the late crocodile hunter Steve Irwin. Irwin was the star of The Crocodile Hunter, a television series that followed him, along with wife Terri, daughter Bindi and son Robert, as they handled crocodiles and many other animals. Irwin’s catchphrase (“Crikey!”), lovable demeanor and downright fearlessness made him famous around the world.

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The films you want to watch this Halloween

I live and breathe Halloween, as it is one of my favorite holidays. Everything about Halloween is exciting, whether it is eating candy, attending haunted hayrides or houses, carving pumpkins or planning our costumes. For me, the highlight of this spooky holiday is watching the movies that either scare the living daylights out of me or make me want to walk down the street with friendly ogres and witches. I can name numerous of films to watch, but below are the must watch films that will get you into the Halloween spirit.

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Rethinking Halloween

Right now, it’s basically everyone’s favorite time of the year. The leaves are changing, the weather is perfect and most importantly, Halloween is approaching. And yes, I am one of those individuals who loves Halloween and yes, you get to read about why I love it right now.

To some people, Halloween is just an excuse to throw crazy parties and dress up in the craziest costumes you’ve ever seen. A lot of people don’t even know where Halloween came from, and I’d be lying if I said that I wasn’t one of those people. This is the version of this holiday that some students love and others hate.

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Must see Emmy fashion from this years event

The Emmy Awards show is a huge television extravaganza where the best of the best in the world of famous people come out to shine and see who won the shiny god award and gets bragging rights for the year.

There were many big-name winners this year, like Kevin Spacey for Outstanding Lead Actor in a drama for his role in House of Cards or the funny and fabulous Amy Schumer for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Series in her self-named comedy Inside Amy Schumer.

Although many of these actors and actresses make an appearance in our home once a week, or every day if you’re binge-watching Netflix, we do not always get to see the glitz and glam of their real lives until award shows such as this.

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Scream Queens is a must watch for the fall season

A psychotic serial killer is enough to give anyone the heebie-jeebies, but what if our own campus was plagued with murders? This is precisely what happens in Scream Queens, the horror-comedy show that first aired on September 22.

The Kappa Kappa Tau House has many secrets, as the viewer comes to know within the first minutes of the show: the previous president of the sorority was burned with an acid spray tan, and a baby was born in a bathtub during a party and the mother of the child was left to bleed out. But perhaps the biggest secret of all is why a masked serial killer keeps targeting these college students.

One of the main protagonists, Grace Gardener (Skyler Samuels), first sees the killer watching her from afar. This begs the question, will she be next?

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A beautifully tragic beginning

I’ve been sitting at my desk for the last hour trying to figure out how I wanted to start my first column. It got me thinking about first impressions and how vital they are and how much I want my first column to show who I am to people. But with that, I realize that I was really trying to make myself look put together for the people who would read this.

Since being calm, cool and collected really isn’t my thing, I have decided to start with this:

Hi my name is Caroline Critelli and I’m a mess.


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