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Worst movie of 2015

2015 was a record-breaking year at the box office, which grossed over 10 billion dollars worldwide. Top hits included Jurassic World and Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens, each of which earned rankings within the top five movies worldwide.

Following in sixth place was Minions, Universal Pictures’ third installment in the Despicable Me franchise. Earning over $300 million in ticket sales, Minions received high ranks as one of 2015’s most popular movies. However, this does not mean that it was any good. In fact, some may say it was despicable.

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Who will win at the 2016 Oscars?

Ladies and Gentlemen, it is time for the 88th Academy Awards. That’s right, it’s Oscar season. For film buffs and casual moviegoers alike, the Oscars are the most anticipated event of the year. It is an event of celebration and reflection over the highest achievements in cinema over the past year, recognizing the efforts of those who made such triumphs possible.

With the Oscars scheduled for February 28, all we can do is speculate about the fate of the latest line-up of nominees. Over the past few years, the Academy has taught us that this award show is unpredictable as ever. Each show has left viewers with multiple surprises, upsets and unforgettable moments. This year is looking to be no different. So without further adieu, here are my predictions for this year’s Oscars.

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Life Isn't Black And White, But Classic Movies Are

I grew up watching black and white television shows and movies, thanks to my mother. The original Father of the Bride, Miracle on 34th Street and The Uninvited—we’d watch these movies over and over again. MeTV was our go-to channel together. I do not know how many times I’ve heard the Gilligan’s Island theme and seen Dick Van Dyke trip over the same couch in The Dick Van Dyke Show.

These programs always carried a certain magic to me, and a large part of that was that they weren’t in color. They seemed mysterious, sometimes like I was seeing into a different world.

I remember feeling that way when seeing The Women, released in 1939. They were elegantly dressed, smoked cigarettes and talked on the phone while lounging in the bathtub. And they all seemed to talk with a formal inflection, even when giving such insults as, “By the way, there’s a name for you ladies, but it isn’t used in high society…outside of a kennel.”

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Caroline Says

It’s finally acceptable to talk about what everyone wants to talk about the second that Halloween ends: Christmas. That’s right, forget about Thanksgiving, I want Christmas trees and Santa Claus and chestnuts roasting over an open fire. Now, there are some people who love Thanksgiving, maybe even more than they love Christmas, and that’s all well and good. But Christmas is obviously better.

And, no, it’s not because you get gifts on Christmas. There is nothing further from my brain the closer we get to the best holiday ever. To a lot of people, Christmas has become all about sales and shopping and having every little detail be perfect. And if you’ve been reading my column for a while, you’d know that perfect is not how I roll. What I feel makes Christmas so great is something that I’m not sure I’ll even be able to put into words. It’s just magic.

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Finding Dory Release Expected To Go Swimmingly

If you’re anything like me, you’ve been humming the tune to “Just Keep Swimming” from Finding Nemo since 2003. It’s been a movie staple to all sorts of age groups. It’s nearly impossible to keep a straight face when Nemo has difficulty pronouncing “anemone,” and it is a necessity to speak whale with Dory. Thanks to Disney and Pixar, we can dive back into Nemo’s world for a sequel after over a decade of waiting.

The trailer to Finding Nemo’s sequel, Finding Dory, was released November 10 on The Ellen Show. The new movie stars Dory, a blue tang who suffers from short-term memory loss, voiced by Ellen Degeneres.

Pixar revealed that Dory will be going on a quest in search of her family, which she miraculously remembers despite being the most forgetful fish in the ocean. The trailer also promises the return of Albert Brooks as Marlin, while Hayden Rolence will be the new voice of Nemo.

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Best Albums of 2015

5. Tame Impala – Currents

On Currents, Perth, Australia psych rock band Tame Impala surrender to time and all things transitory. It’s all there in the song titles: “Let It Happen,” “The Moment,” “Yes I’m Changing,” “Eventually,” “Past Life,” “Reality in Motion,” “New Person, Same Old Mistakes.” Everything is temporary, and a lot of times, that hurts. You blink, and your life has completely changed. It hits you square in the heart.
Naturally, then, frontman Kevin Parker’s lyrics are intensely personal and read like his diary, a poetic stream-of-consciousness novel. Parker plays equal parts guilty and victim, distinguishing Currents from typical breakup albums. Currents is also a musical reinvention and revelation for Tame Impala, as Kevin Parker flexes his pop muscles to create a reverb-drenched soundscape full of inescapable hooks, killer basslines and blissful synth loops.

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A Very Murray Christmas

Merry Christmas, everybody, and welcome to the final Netflix pick of the month of the semester. It is also the final one written by me for the year because I’ll be at the Rome campus next semester while you guys are stuck here in the snow.

So getting on with it, my pick for this extra festive month is A Very Murray Christmas. It’s about Bill Murray and how he’s worried that no one’s going to show up to his TV show because a snow storm has shut down New York City.

Now, it’s not even out yet, but the beauty of Netflix Pick of the month is that it’s a pick, not a review, so I don’t have to have seen what I pick in order to tell you to watch it. I picked this because it’s Bill Murray playing himself, hanging out with celebrity friends, and if that’s not enough for you, it’s going to be Christmas as hell.

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Holiday Hits

“It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…” It’s also beginning to sound a lot like Christmas. As the weather gets colder and the nights get darker, Christmas music gets louder.

For this list, I am going to rank the albums. Get out your wallets, people. After this, you’ll be on your way to Target to pick theses babies up.

Our first album comes from the spokesperson for all singing competition shows. As the Season One winner of American Idol, Kelly Clarkson has a joy filled Christmas album called Wrapped In Red. This is an underdog Christmas album, having been released only two years ago. From her cover of “Silent Night” with Trisha Yearwood and Reba to her original song, “Underneath the Tree,” Clarkson really hits those high notes.

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Christmas Movie Countdown

It’s that time of year again. Let me be the first to say that Christmas is on the way, and the end of the semester is in sight. If you are looking for a way to distract yourself from the work that’s piling up or for a way to calm yourself during these stressful weeks ahead, let me suggest watching a Christmas movie. Nothing reminds us of the joy and hope of the season quite like Christmas movies. There are so many to choose from, but here are my favorites to get you out of the finals funk and into the Christmas spirit.

7) Home Alone—This movie is about—you guessed it—a kid who gets left home alone. From that, craziness ensues. The kid’s name is Kevin, and he is a very clever eight year-old. His schemes to be alone and not get caught are impressive, but even more so is his ability to outwit two grown men. The first and second movies are the only two worth watching of the series, as Kevin gets replaced with a different kid for the last two.

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Pixels: Summer Hit Still Worth Watching

When aliens misinterpret video feeds of 1980’s classic arcade games, they thought that was a declaration of war. So they send down the classic arcade games to destroy earth. Some of those well-known arcade game characters include Donkey Kong, Space Invaders and Pac-Man, among countless others. In response, the U.S. President asks his old gamer buddies to battle the invaders.


An adrenaline-filled, virtual-reality inspired movie has been brought to us on the big screen in Pixels. We see all sorts of familiar faces this time around, and the audience is introduced to a few new actors as well.

In order to counter this extraterrestrial assault, President Will Cooper (Kevin James) recruits his childhood pal, former video-game champion and home-theater installer Sam Brenner (Adam Sandler), to lead a team of old-school arcade players and a military specialist (Michelle Monaghan) in an all-or-nothing battle to save the planet.


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