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Lets get ready to ramble

I like writing. Obviously I do, I’m an editor for Le Provocateur. It would be really weird if I didn’t like it. Imagine if I hated writing but was still like, “oh, you need someone to constantly read and write all day, every day, and I’ll get paid no money? Sure, sign me up.”

But sometimes, I just don’t feel like it. It’s like I’m some A-list actor who’s on set for their next movie but won’t come out of their trailer because the planets aren’t aligned right, and they just can’t act right now. I mean, it’s nothing like that, but maybe it kind of is.

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First ever Broadwaycon hailed a success despite snow

The recent winter storm Jonas could not deter the thousands of dedicated theater enthusiasts that showed up to the first-ever BroadwayCon. From January 22 to January 24, thousands of guests in attendance at New York’s Midtown Hilton Hotel got the chance to have an inside look at what it means to be part of Broadway Theater. Guests were granted access through the stage to witness and experience what goes on both onstage and behind the scenes of their favorite shows. The conference brought together loyal fans, some of whom arrived in costume, with Broadway artists and veterans.

The idea of BroadwayCon came from Melissa Anelli, the co-executive director of Mischief Management, a company that establishes events linked to other fandoms including GeekyCon for avid fandom lovers and LeakyCon for Harry Potter fans. Along with Anelli, Stephanie Dornhelm and Anthony Rapp, known for If/Then and star of the original Rent, are co-founders of the event made for theater fans.

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Local musician passes away at 50

Northampton resident Jeff Martell was driving to The Backwater Grille in Canaan, New York where he was set to perform a show at 7 p.m.

The show was designed to showcase this singer’s quirky and psychedelic nature in a laid-back environment to a small yet devoted crowd of music lovers. Unfortunately, he did not make it.

On the way to venue, Martell was involved in a head-on collision with an oncoming car on the afternoon of January 8 in West Springfield, Mass. He was killed at the age of 50.

Friends, family and close followers of Martell’s career grieved over his passing not long after his death. Together, they reminisced about how this Massachusetts native made a name for himself in a style all his own.

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Mamrie Hart is the hilarious Youtube star you've been looking for

Welcome to The Provoc’s YouTuber of the Month, where I highlight some of the web’s best personalities. This month’s pick: Mamrie Hart; YouTube Channel: You Deserve A Drink.

32-year-old Mamrie Hart is a comedian, actress, Internet personality and author. With over 1 million subscribers, Mamrie’s Internet fame started in 2011 with the debut of her show, You Deserve a Drink, in which Mamrie mixes a cocktail each week for a celebrity whom she believes deserves it. Aimed at audiences over 21, Hart’s videos combine her past experience as a bartender with her passion for performing. Filled with pop culture references and witty humor, Hart’s instructional videos become a drinking game when she encourages her viewers to make the cocktail, re-watch the video and take a sip every time she makes a pun.

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ANTI album is worth the wait

ANTI is actually, finally here. Rihanna’s eighth studio album and first in four years has dropped following one of the most drawn-out and at times embarrassing hype cycles this decade (at least we have a release date for So Help Me God, I mean, Swish, no, WAVES. Thanks Kanye) Thankfully, the album is actually good—great, even—so this all wasn’t for nothing.

After dropping one of the best singles of 2015 in “BBHMM” and two rather forgettable ones with “FourFiveSeconds” and “American Oxygen,” Ri kept us waiting for the last half of the year, losing any palpable sense of anticipation behind the album’s inevitable release.

It should come as no surprise, then, that none of these songs appears on ANTI, a grimy collection of 13 songs that range from chillwave to lethargic R&B to stoner rock with no discernible bangers. What’s a Rihanna album without its own “Pon de Replay,” “Umbrella” or “We Found Love”? Is it really a Rihanna album at all?

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Remembering David Bowie

I. “Space Oddity”

The Man Who Sold the World. Ziggy Stardust. Starman. Aladdin Sane. The Thin White Duke. The Man Who Fell to Earth. The Goblin King. Whatever your favorite David Bowie persona is, you don’t need this article to tell you how talented, influential and beloved he was and continues to be. He’s even got his own constellation now in the shape of the iconic Aladdin Sane lightning bolt. On January 10, 2016, just two days after his 69th birthday and the release of his 25th studio album, we lost a bona fide living legend.

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2015 was embarrassing

2015 has come and gone, and if you’re anything like me, then you are so happy to see it go. It was a weird year full of stress and uncertainty and I, like the rest of society, am ready to start a new year with hope and optimism only to be disappointed in the end.

However, I don’t want to let go of 2015 that quickly. It’s important to reflect on all of the events that happened in the past year. Which is why I would like to share with you my top three most embarrassing moments of 2015.

As a professional embarrassing person I have stumbled, stuttered and have just been a complete mess to get to where I am today. Hopefully, they’ll make you laugh, but they’ll definitely make you feel better about your own life.

3. Over the summer I worked at an amusement park and got to operate different rides including a huge roller-coaster. It was a relatively fun job and the summer was going pretty well until I broke the roller-coaster. Yes, I broke the roller-coaster.

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Former American Idol winner releases new song

R&B sensation Fantasia released her latest single this past week. The singer cuts out the haters and drama through swift rhythms and clever phrasing in this newest addition to her collection of hits.

Most people know Fantasia Barrino from her roots. Back in 2004, she won the third season of American Idol, where she sky-rocketed into stardom. Identified as a rock and soul artist, the songstress began her career at the right time and place and only continued to reach new heights.

Over a decade since her start, Fantasia has continued to cross boundaries and set new limits for herself, including a Grammy win and multiple hit R&B singles.

“No Time For It,” reminds us that this powerful artist is still capable of making quality music that holds meaning and is fun to listen to. We know that whatever Fantasia puts out will be inspiring and beautiful.

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Netflix pick

If you’re already super stressed with school not even a month into the semester, there is only one thing that can help. Stress relief scented things from Bath and Body Works. But, John Mulaney: The Comeback Kid is a close second.

When you need a study break, Netflix is the perfect solution and this comedy special from the hilarious comedian John Mulaney is a perfect choice. You may have already seen his previous special New in Town, that provided amazing joke after joke and this new stand-up material is no different.

The Comeback Kid premiered on Netflix on November 13, 2015 and was Mulaney’s literal comeback to standup since 2012. Before that he was a writer for SNL and co-created the popular character of Stefon with actor Bill Hader.

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Will DiCaprio win an Oscar?

I don’t know if any of you are as pumped for this years Oscars as I am, but you should be. The amount of talent and great works of cinematography that have been produced in the last year has been quite impressive. The same core group of top celebrity actors continues to remain at the top and yet the years come and go.

Nominations come out and time and time again, a name is nominated yet never on the stage to hold that award. That name is the one and only Leonardo DiCaprio. In his very prestigious career Leo, has been nominated for 186 different awards. He has won 62 times. Yet, he has been nominated for six Oscars and has yet to bring one home. This has started to create a joke that he will never win an Oscar one of the most prestigious awards in the actor community.


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