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Hounds Hot Take: Netflix is overrated

Alright, now before I find hundreds of students outside of my dorm with pitchforks wanting my head for this blasphemy, just stop and think.
Yes, you can absolutely make the case that Netflix is home to some of the most favored shows and movies, such as The Office, Bob’s Burgers and Grey’s Anatomy. That being said, when was the last time that Netflix actually updated their shows? You can only watch The Office so many times until you find yourself quoting every Michael Scott line. The shows listed along with other favorites have been on Netflix for so long that at this point a “Netflix show of the week” is really just what show with the slightest bit of relevance has been on Netflix for a substantial amount of time and will remain available to be binge-watched. At this point, it has come down to trying to scavenge for whatever seems remotely interesting.

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Lady Gaga album "Perfect Illusion"

There will come a time in your life where you honestly have to look at yourself and ask: How is Lady Gaga really this amazing? If you haven’t come to this point yet, trust me, you will. There is something in this woman’s repertoire for everyone.
First, it was “Just Dance,” the pop song that swept the world and still makes everyone get up at wedding receptions and hit the dance floor. Though the song was released eight years ago, it can still be challenging to listen to a hit radio station for more than a few hours without hearing it played.
Since then, Gaga has partnered with incredible artists such as Beyoncé and Tony Bennett, and her albums have been nothing less than stellar. Spanning from exciting and revolutionary pop to jazzy masterpieces, Gaga has shown off her different passions and talents in many different forms.

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Dreaming of a pink moon

For many personal reasons, my Summer Sixteen—as the pop culture zeitgeist has so dubbed the summer of 2016, for we all bow down to our mighty chart-topping overlord Aubrey “Drake” Graham despite my regarding the bloated mediocrity and empty boastfulness of Views as the epitome of male entitlement and insecurity (give me another Take Care or Nothing Was the Same and we can talk again)—was simultaneously my best and worst summer yet. It was definitely the most eventful and exciting, but it was definitely the most emotional, for better or worse. The constant through it all, from the end of April to the end of August, was the generous wealth of incredible music that got me through it all and back to school today. From Lemonade to Blonde (finally), I want to dedicate my first column to the music that made my summer, that continues to heal and inspire me, in the hopes that even just one of my readers will discover an album or artist that has the same effect on them.

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In the Music Streaming Wars, no one wins

Apple has been a familiar name in the realm of technology lately. They only recently launched the latest iOS update to iPhones, iOS 10. And of course, there’s the topic of the hour: the iPhone 7 and its lack of a headphone jack. One of the company’s newest features is its exclusive streaming. Essentially, certain artists have signed contracts with Apple, who then sell their music on iTunes and through other Apple outlets.
The issue of streaming exclusives only began to be passed around after Frank Ocean released two albums at once. The hype was great until the catch became clear: both albums were Apple exclusives. This means that the only way of accessing the albums was to create an account with Apple, start the free trial and loathe the day the company began charging you 10 dollars per month for a subscription.

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Gkass Animals shatter expectations on sophomore album

Although I’m someone whose music taste usually doesn’t make it past 1999, I’ve recently made it a point to expand my knowledge into the 21st century, starting with Glass Animals. When it comes to their new album How to Be a Human Being I was far from disappointed.
Glass Animals are known for their unique sound and obscure vibe. If you’re not familiar with the band from across the pond, you may remember their somewhat mainstream hit “Gooey” from 2014. “Gooey” is to Glass Animals as “Creep” is to Radiohead. However, do not let this song define the Glass Animals’ entire existence, as their recent release proves they are so much more than that.

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Baking show is the best way to start a lazy summer

This week’s Netflix Pick is The Great British Baking Show. I know what you’re thinking -the Pup Cup theme is America and I am talking about British television. I promise you, it’s worth it.

If you have even the slightest interest in baking or watching delicious looking creations come to life, this show is the perfect choice. I used to think the food network was the best option when I wanted to watch someone create a dope buttercream frosting, but I was wrong. British competitive programming is my new favorite thing in the world.

For starters, they are all so nice to each other. Everyone one on the show is supportive of one another through highs and lows of the challenges, even though they all want to win. A personal favorite aspect of the show is that there are also tons of adorable old people on it.

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Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt is back and better than ever

After eons and lightyears of waiting, the Netflix original Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt made a comeback with the release of season two on Friday, April 15. Since I get to write an article on it, I’ll call my weekend of binge-watching the entire season a productive one since it’s kind of work-related.

Since they made us wait so long for a follow-up to the pilot season, I was expecting something great from the show’s star, Ellie Kemper. Creator Tina Fey delivered, making a hilarious appearance as Kimmy’s therapist Andrea with a drinking problem so excessive, it’s actually kind of impressive.

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Sleep Cycle worth the wait

The story behind Sleep Cycle, the gorgeously introspective new album by part-time Animal Collective member Josh Dibb, better known as Deakin, is a long, frustrating but ultimately uplifting one. It began in 2009 when Deakin temporarily left Animal Collective before the release of their landmark Merriweather Post Pavilion; wanting to pursue a solo career, Deakin set up a Kickstarter campaign to fund a trip to Mali for a music festival, promising a solo record as a reward.

He raised $26,000 and performed at the Festival in the Desert in Timbuktu, but in 2012, fans were a little more than disappointed when Deakin’s album had not surfaced. In an interview with Pitchfork, Deakin explained that he used none of the $26,000 either for his travel expenses or for recording the album, rather donating the money to TEMEDT, a Malian organization dedicated to helping enslaved Tuareg people. What of the album, though?

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But time makes you bolder

“You go to school so you can learn.”

This is something that every college student has heard, whether it comes from a family member or it’s something that you tell yourself. It might sound stupid, but it’s definitely true. With plenty of other things to distract you, it’s difficult to remember that the sole purpose of college is to learn stuff.

That being said, English, math, science and all of the things that you could possibly be studying aren’t the only things that you should be learning. Not everyone gets the college experience, and in this journey, the most important thing that you can learn about is yourself.

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All Superheros are super

I hope that no one really expects me to choose here.

It is fun to watch people, especially on the internet, get so worked up over Marvel and DC. Their respective fan bases are so dedicated, which is why I love being a part of both aforementioned fan groups. I suppose this article is probably just going to be a lot of me talking about why I love both for different reasons.


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