SOPHIA students help Haiti

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Maia Campbell

I think it was a Monday when Professor Hodgen approached our class about giving to Haiti. It was a curious way in which he approached us. As usual, we all chatted happily with our friend groups, shouting across the room to each other and running up to each other's desks with the news of our days.
He entered the room with his bag as usual, but also with a stack of six or seven little red buckets in hand. I knew as soon as he started our class announcements that the buckets had something to do with us.
He cleared his throat and looked over at us. "I don't know if you've been keeping up with the news, but things are pretty bad down in Haiti. I was wondering if you guys might maybe want to do something to help." Now, I don't know if you know Professor Hodgen, but he is one of the gentlest people that I have met. He requested this of us in that same manner.
No one objected to his proposal, so he continued. "I brought these buckets, and I was thinking maybe we could decorate them and break up into groups of two or three. We could go around campus and ask for donations."
Finally someone spoke up and said that is was a great idea. So he proceeded to divide us up to groups. I was paired up with two other girls: Sara and Mary.
Basically, we didn't coordinate to the week of the bucket, and so I frantically piggy-backed off of my friends markers to make a label for our in big bold letters. "HELP HAITI," it screamed. The day of our donation rounds, Sara and I taped the sign onto the bucket. Mary was to meet us by the entrance of Kennedy Hall.
To be honest, I was nervous about going around and asking. I was afraid that people would be unreceptive. But we had agreed to do this, so off we went with our little red buckets.
My group had limited success in Kennedy. The majority of the offices were closed and there weren't many faculty members around. So we decided to go to the Switzer Building and IT too. We were the first group back to the classroom, and we poured our wallets in as well.
Professor Hodgen came into the classroom a few minutes after we came back to the classroom with pizza and soda. Since we were the first group back, we started counting. As groups came in, I started adding up the totals.
To me, the fact that we raised 405 dollars does not matter. I think it was our heart that really counted. That day was part of the reason that I love SOPHIA: I got to see everyone's heart.

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