Sisters leaves you feeling Tina Fey and Amy Poehler's love

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Erin Keating

Doing activities with friends is always fun to do. A sense of familiarity is present, along with a sense of fun, for spending time with people who bring you happiness and laughter is the best gift there is. Everyone enjoys spending time with friends, from me to you to Tina Fey and Amy Poehler.
From their work as improv newbies to their time spent as sketchy comedy stars on Saturday Night Live to costarring in major motion pictures together, and even hosting the Golden Globes, this female pairing has not failed to bring us to tears in laughter, while staying true to their friendship.
In the 2015 hit, Sisters, the female comedy duo stars as two sisters reuniting with their high school friends to throw one last hoorah in their childhood home. In a reversal of roles from their previous movie, Baby Mama, Fey plays freelance cosmetologist Kate, who is known for her wild and crazy high school party days, trying to prove her maturity to her teenage daughter. Opposite Fey is Poehler’s character uptight Maura, Kate’s contrasting younger sister, known for being in constant contact with her parents and her mother qualities shining at parties, making sure everyone is having a fun time before herself.
The news of their parents selling their childhood home shakes the two sisters to their core. They do not feel ready to sell the house. Maura feels as if the only two people she can truly count on, her parents, are leaving her to be alone for the rest of her life, and Kate, with no job and nowhere to go, was hoping to move into the home to prove to her daughter that she really can be an adult. The two decide to throw one giant party inviting all their friends from high school. This party ends up destroying most of the home, along with causing the pool to cave into a sinkhole.
Now, we have reached my favorite part of the movie: the guest stars. It is safe to say that Saturday Night Live has created superstars out of almost everyone who walks into Studio 8H. When two of Saturday Night Live’s most successful products star in a movie together, the number of Saturday Night Live alums in the credits went on and on. To be honest, I love seeing actors who are friends work together. The chemistry on screen is something that cannot be manufactured by acting techniques. The purity of fun they are having is a vital part to this movie.
A third wheel to the relationship that is Tina Fey and Amy Poehler is Maya Rudolph who shines as Brinda, Kate’s enemy from high school, bringing elements of immature high school pettiness to the role. Although at odds with Kate, I could see the true fun that Fey, Poehler and Rudolph were having together. Then pops in Rachel Dratch as Kelly, who I love. She is very underrated—that woman can do any character to a T. With her Facebook profile picture as a Mexican casserole, Dratch plays another high school friend, Kelly, who has lost touch with her crazy high school side. My favorite supporting character has to be Alex, a popular crowd wannabe, played by Bobby Moynihan. With his constant, unfunny jokes backing up any situation ever, Alex typically makes his former classmates uncomfortable rather than leaving him in hysterics. Throwing in a hilariously random comment any chance he gets, Alex certainly had me laughing. Adding to the list of guest stars was Paula Pell, Chris Parnell, Kate McKinnon and the list goes on. Even John Cena is in it. Random, I know.
Watching Amy and Tina (yeah, they are my friends, and I first name them) as they act with friends is a great experience. They are throwing out their best jokes, along with having a great time with their equally funny friends. If you enjoy the art of friendship and laughter, watch this movie.

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