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Elizabeth Eastwood

Hello Le Provocateur Readers, my name is Ele Eastwood and I am the Senate Speaker for the Assumption College Student Government Association. I wanted to take the time to thank you for reading this section and taking a look at some of the things SGA has been up to this semester. First off we had special elections in all the grades. I can’t stress to the student body how important it is to make a ruckus and know who is on student government. For the past three years, there has been complaint after complaint about the sunlight streaming into students eyes during dinner at Taylor. I’m happy to say after three years the windows are now tinted (or about to be tinted) so people can eat without sunglasses on or weaving behind your friend's shadow.
One senator this year raised concerns about the sidewalk on Chapel Road not being a safe place to walk. Assumption heard the complaint and repaved the unsafe parts. Some other events and things Student Government Association has brought up this past year are addressing the upperclassmen buildings back and side doors to make them accessible all days of the week 8am-8pm. We have also worked with Campus Police, Student Conduct and the Dean of Students to work with students who were transported or transported with a “Call for Help” to have a free ride back to campus and then settle the bill later once safely back on campus.
As a member of Student Government Association, I can honestly say we try our best to hear complaints from all areas of campus and bring them to the appropriate resources to handle or explain the situation. Here at Assumption, we are fortunate enough to be on a small campus with the ability to make a difference and to address situations quickly. So if you're reading this and have a suggestion like “Taylor needs Chicken fingers all the time.” -Kid who talked to President Jeff Letourneau after Midnight Madness. We do hear you and are doing our best to bring changes to all of the campus and improve your experience here at Assumption. If you have any suggestions be sure to email , fill out our weekly Thursday Three on a different topic each week or stop by our office.
We are a friendly bunch I swear only one person has run away screaming. Just kidding, but if you did run away screaming comeback and give us another chance we're friendly! So because I never write these type of papers, I’ll end with, come check out SGA there are so many ways to get involved, and we are here to hear a clubs complaint or one student’s idea. Come talk to us, and we will do our best to take any problem or idea and put it into action to improve your college experience. Thanks for reading, Go Hounds.

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