Our tech addiction is real

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Maia Campbell

As I often do, I am once again here writing about addiction to technology. I just seem to love this topic so much for some reason.
Now, let me preface by saying that I am not saying that I'm not addicted to technology. Admittedly, I would say that I am. I use my laptop at least four hours a day, and I am constantly listening to music. My spare time consists of watching YouTube. We're all having issues withdrawing from technology, I would say.
I think our problem started with the convenience of everything on the Internet. It became more convenient to look up a definition online instead of finding a dictionary. It became more convenient to look for a book online instead of going to the library. It became more convenient to talk to people through email and text messaging, not having to hear anyone's voice or see anyone's face.
Eventually, I think, that convenience began to evolve into a little bit of laziness. Once again, I am guilty of this laziness. The example of the dictionary and the library are examples of the evolution of technology, but I'd like to focus more on the last point: communication with other human beings. We've become lazy, myself included. Personally, before I owned any form of technology for myself I already tried to find a way to escape being social. Now that I have my phone with me, it's easier to look down at that and ignore people. Thus the addiction ensued.
What I mean is I do not think that we initially were meant to become addicted to technology. We started out loving its convenience, and then we became dependent on it, which, in hindsight, is not a good thing. While technology is reliable for the most part, who's to say that it will not become unreliable in the future. I am afraid that we will have no clue what to do without our smartphones and our laptops.
What increasingly concerns me regarding this matter is children and matters of technology. Children continue to be more and more plugged in to technology. I see very few children just playing with their siblings and friends anymore. Back in my day, we were all limited to a select amount of screen time, so once that screen time was up, we had to figure out something to do instead.
I ended up bonding with my brothers that way. When technology time was up, we would play together, sometimes for hours on end. We had a plethora of stuffed animals, myriads upon myriads of Legos and countless other toys. Our mother would have to drag us away from the toys for dinner, baths, or bedtime.
What I would give to be back there with my brothers. Now instead of playing, we all sit on our tablets, laptops and phones. I wonder when our addiction first started. It kind of just evolved from convenience.

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