My Dearly Departed

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Caroline Critelli

Dear Caroline,
Hey, it’s me. By that I mean it’s you except from the past. Well, I’m writing because by the time you read this Halloween will be over and I know that that’s a difficult time for us. So I wanted to take the time out of my day, and take this space in Le Provocateur, to just remind you that everything’s going to be okay.
Yes, Halloween is like our Super Bowl and October is the month that provides us with this joy and happiness every year. So, when it’s tough to say goodbye when it’s all over. We pray for Halloween to get here, but when it’s over so is the greatest month of the year. We get to dress up and be crazy, but at what cost?
First of all, I want to remind you of all of the good things that happened this month. You watched the movie Trick r’ Treat for the first time and it became an instant Halloween classic so that was a win. You dressed up as Nicky Nichols from Orange is the New Black during Halloween weekend, which has been like a 6-month long dream of yours so that’s exciting. Target had so many cute Halloween decorations, like those adorable ghosts that had different sized eyes that you wanted to adopt, and you bought two pairs of Halloween socks for a dollar each. Your parents bought you a big bag of Halloween candy. You got to watch a ton of horror movies and not feel like as much of a complete sociopath like you normally do.
Not exactly Halloween related, but you did get to go to New York City for the first time in years and had a great time. You went to the Museum of Modern Art and pretended like you knew stuff about art when in reality you have no idea why that shovel hanging from the ceiling counts as art. You met a dog. You helped throw a birthday party for your roommate and it wasn’t a complete disaster. The second season of The Real O’Neal’s started. However, Scream Queens is officially dead, but it’s fine. You’re fine.
You have so many Halloween decorations. And, yeah, you couldn’t buy anymore after a while because you physically couldn’t fit anymore onto your side of the room. But, the ones you did have are great. Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t leave those decorations up all year, it’s your aesthetic. Do what you want. Your dorm is definitely haunted. They had apple cider at Dunkin’ Donut’s and it was amazing and you teared up when you too your first sip at the beginning of the month. Also, you overdosed on pumpkin spice coffee, like you do every year.
I know what you must be feeling right now: the best month of the year is over and you have to wait a whole other year for it to be here again. All of the dark, creepy stuff that you love is suddenly not trendy anymore and everybody has moved on to talking about Christmas. But that’s okay, you like Christmas too. And you can watch The Nightmare Before Christmas because it’s acceptable to watch all throughout the holiday season.
Maybe you have to take some of your decorations down, but your room will always be (not so) subtly creepy so it’s okay. Your friends will no longer (semi) willingly watch horror movies with you, but that won’t stop you from trying.
Halloween isn’t just about costumes, candy and scary things; it’s also a life style.
For you it’s always Halloween. Sure, it’s great when everyone else is in on it with you, but Halloween is in your blood. With that fact, it truly never ends. Don’t be afraid to be creepy all year round, even though people might think you’re weird for doing it. Also, all of the Halloween stuff will go on sale at Target on November first so you can start stocking up for next year.
I hope this helps you get through your Halloween heartbreak.
P.s. Next year we’re going to dress up as a sociopath and a knight. Don’t forget.

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