The debates: in review

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Caitlin Pierson

Pandemonium. Irrationality. Humor. Anarchy.
The 2016 Presidential Election has seen it all. Over the course of the three Presidential Debates, Republican candidate Donald Trump and Democratic candidate Senator Hilary Clinton went head-to-head in the battle to be Commander in Chief. From interrupting each other to calling each other out for lies, both candidates attempted to bait the other into losing his or her temper.
Throughout each debate, Donald Trump demonstrated his inability to remain cool, calm and collected by showing disgusted and abrasive facial expression every time Hilary spoke. When attacked for his poor temperament, Trump proved his lack of qualifications to be the President of the United States. His incoherent answers and refusal to actually address the questions posed proves his lack of fact-based knowledge necessary to lead this country.
Trump continuously attacked inner cities and referred to immigrants as “bad hombres,” which has quickly become a popular Internet meme. His offensive remarks continue to divide the country by alienating minorities and fostering racism. His blatant disregard for benevolence and failure to grasp his shortcomings are clear signs of incompetence.
In contrast, Hilary Clinton successfully remained composed throughout all of Trump’s attacks. She was able to professionally brush off rude comments with a slight smile, and move past insults with ease. Clinton managed to address the questions posed, providing a better understanding of the goals of her platform.
Hilary’s tactic of poise under pressure proved beneficial when the outcomes of the debates were analyzed. The clear winner of each debate, Clinton managed to maintain her lead in the polls. Though not the favorite Democratic candidate to be nominated, Hilary Clinton proved herself to be the better option for this country’s President. She has the temperament, the attitude and the understanding of foreign and domestic politics to successfully command the United States for the next four years.
Humorous at times, this election has played with the population’s emotional heartstrings more than any election in memory. As terrifying as it is to see these candidates vying for votes, it is important to take a position for the betterment of the United States of America. Please exercise your right to vote by participating in this election.

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