CAB's "real world" applications

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Marissa Smith

If you walk into Charlie’s and ask the students in one of the offices or working one of the many tables for their clubs and organizations what they have gained from an Assumption education, the answers will be endless. There are friendships, values, experiences and the ever-so-important professional experience.
For a lot of organizations, professionals in future careers will immediately recognize their role and understand what a student leader did in their time at Assumption College. Campus Activities Board (CAB) is a little different sometimes. Each campus has a different name and a different acronym, and sometimes they are under a different organization. Even stranger is the nature of the organization – we plan events and at first glance, that seems like it will only be beneficial to someone directly entering that field.
However, CAB and any other student leadership position offers amazing benefits to a professional career. All these benefits go beyond the core concept of event planning.
An organization like CAB gives students the opportunity to practice standard professional skills in an anxiety-free environment with a support system of administrators. Student leaders will come into CAB with a fear of answering phones, responding to emails or public speaking – but all of these become eased or erased by the time they leave CAB. CAB executives have to make phone calls and send emails to vendors and administrators and they are often required to stand up in front of weekly meetings, leading a group of their peers.
CAB also pushes its students into a leadership role that makes them responsible for mentoring and pushing their peers. This leadership ability is what makes members of organizations like CAB student leaders – they have a duty to step up and fill the shoes of a leader so that the organization or club will grow. Leadership is an ability that professionals are always looking for. Future employers want to know that someone can lead and inspire their peers so they will continue to push others in their workplace. By standing in front of a room of people or organizing your own event, CAB executives are taught how to be a leader by doing it themselves. This is a valuable skill that will carry on to many different careers and paths in life.
CAB also has its members do something obvious – plan events. While that may seem useless beyond the event planning industry, it is actually a skill that can pass into many fields. Event planning itself is not exclusive – someone in any career path may have the opportunity to plan an event. Even more importantly are the skills needed for event planning. Students have to work with a budget, delegate tasks to their peers and create advertisements. All of these skills show something that is less tangible – organization, the ever so necessary leadership and creativity. Those three things can be crucial in a professional environment and will sometimes boost an employee above their colleagues.
Organizations like CAB create an environment where students need to push themselves to succeed and work with others. Maybe the actual mission of the organization is a little different than your professional goals, but the skills learned are all good. In CAB we have majors from biology to marketing to human services, but all of these students have found a passion for CAB that gives them the drive to push themselves in any career.
Being a student leader can give you so much more than the satisfaction of leaving your mark on the Assumption community. Being a student leader can prepare you for a career full of hard work, passion and creativity.

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