Dorm of the Week: Nault

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Bradford Elias

After having lived here during my senior year at Assumption, I can say that I will surely miss it.

If I wasn’t with friends, in class, the library, the dining hall or off campus, I was spending a good amount of my time in this cozy single dorm room.

Upon entering room 225, turning on the overhead light, opening my window shade and turning on my fan, I knew this was the right fit. I have come to enjoy living in Nault Hall, as well as the hill area of campus in general, because I find that I am able to get a lot of work done. While I did have a room to myself, I was able to make good friends with others around my floor. We eventually spent some time playing a little Mario Kart on Nintendo 64, among other things.

If I wasn’t playing video games or watching a good movie, I was also spending most of the time on my computer. As I typed away on the fingerprint-covered keys, I also looked at the little objects occupying the top shelf of my desk as well as on the tack board. While the tack board didn’t have much on it, there are two things that keep me motivated. One is picture of me and my two older sisters, Erin and Megan, posing as superheroes from Siblings Weekend 2013 here at school. The other is my first newspaper internship article from The Sun Chronicle, a daily newspaper based out of Attleboro, Mass.

Another thing that I always look up at is a message about family in a picture frame that I got for Christmas.

“Our family / a circle of Strength and Love… / Founded on Faith, / Joined in Love, / Kept by God, / Forever Together.”

It’s messages like these that keep me pondering how much my own family has gone through and serve as a reminder about how what I can accomplish later on down the road.

I have also enjoyed the quick convenience of storing up on water, snacks and ready-to-cook meals in my refrigerator and microwave. While I was away from Taylor Dining Hall or Charlie’s, it was no problem to just take something out and indulge on my own time. Cheers to that.

However, out of all things that I remember about having a single, one of the best parts was having my own space. While a good majority of my friends lived together, I still learned a lot about how one having his or her own space is similar to that of making decisions for one’s own self. If my time management was right, I was still able to enjoy the luxury of doing whatever I wanted, while making school my first priority.

Since I will be graduating this year, I am really going to miss this room. The time spent here will be cherished, and I’m glad to have been one of the lucky ones to take on such an experience.

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