The Walking Dead finale shocks fans

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Kaitlyn Akers

The Walking Dead: the only show on AMC that has the ability to thoroughly piss off an audience while also leaving them nearly in tears.

In the season finale, our favorite heroes were trying to find a doctor for Maggie, who in the previous episode was having pain linked to her pregnancy. However, no matter where they turned, they either ran into survivors or walkers.

For those who haven’t read the comics (I haven’t, but my brother has), we all know that no one is safe and if you don’t exist in the comic books (hey, Norman Reedus), it could be at any point that you bite the dust.

However, this particular episode was especially dark. We see Rick at an all-time low, where he is bowing down to Negan, who finally made his debut for those who follow the show and not the comics.

The biggest cliff hanger in The Walking Dead history played out like so: Negan told Rick that someone had to pay for killing quite a few of his men. They all wouldn’t die because they can’t work for Negan if they die, so only one would be beaten to death.

Rick’s friends, therefore, have to work for Negan and also give him half of what they have. This not only leaves Rick and friends extremely short in supplies, but they have to grapple with working for a psychopath.

After an intense game of eeny, meeny, miney, moe, Negan introduces one of the cast members to his barbed wire baseball bat, Lucille, but there is a problem that is messing with the entire fandom: we don’t know who died.

How unlike The Walking Dead, right? Normally the show thrives off of killing people off and shocking the audience, but in this case, the audience was left to speculate who met their death.

Comic book wise, Glenn is the one who originally dies, and it’s rather graphic. Negan beats him to death in front of Maggie and then tells them that he is coming back to collect what Rick’s group owes him.

But the show is known for not following the comic book exactly, which leaves so many people up for the kill: Daryl, Maggie, Carl, Abraham, Sasha and even Michonne. The producers knew that the audience would be looking for camera cues to decipher who was bludgeoned to death, but they played it off well.

The camera jumped from character to character, and by doing so, it left no hints as to who is gone from the show.

Hopefully when Comic Con comes around in July, which is when a new trailer for the upcoming season is usually released, some of our worst fears will be settled (it better not be Daryl).

One thing the show has made perfectly clear, like they do in every season, is that people are just as dangerous as the dead, and no one is safe.

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