The Stars Wars experience

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Kara O'Connell

“You’ve never seen Star Wars?” I used to get this question and the accompanying disgusted faces quite a lot. In my defense, my parents were not the biggest Star Wars nerds or anything like that. For the longest time, the Star Wars franchise was a foreign concept to me and though I appreciated Weird Al’s Yoda-inspired parodies, I had no idea what any of the references really meant.

Now, being in college, I am surrounded by people who absolutely adore these movies and demand that I watch them all. I can say that I have seen five of the seven Star Wars films and all I can say is “wow.”

I have no idea why it took me so long to find this franchise and, trust me, I know I am no expert, but there are just certain elements of these films that I need to discuss here with you lovely readers. I promise, I will not spoil anything for those of you who have yet to take the time to watch any of these movies, but maybe for those of you who haven’t seen it, this will help you decide to make the choice to do so.

First off, Episode IV, my first exposure, completely blew my mind. I won’t lie to you, when I sat down to watch the movie, I didn’t think that this would be something I would like. I have never been one for action or sci-fi, so I didn’t think Star Wars would have a lot to offer me. I quickly realized that I was mistaken.

Watching A New Hope, I honestly couldn’t believe that this had been released in 1977. The special effects, detail, score and overall everything about the movie seemed on par with films of today. I was impressed to say the least by all of the crazy dedication and work it took to compile such a film.

Moving on from there, Episodes V and VI introduced me to new characters, deeper storylines, love affairs and more. As I watched, I began to realize that Star Wars was not just a series for people who loved science fiction and fantasy; there really is something in it for everyone.

I’ll admit, I am usually a sucker for romance, but the love interests of the series aren’t even what got me hooked. The strength of the story line is what got me in Episode IV, and from there, I knew these characters would join the ranks of all the others I had become emotionally invested in over the years.

I must say, having seen Episodes I and II, I am definitely a fan of the original trilogy over the 2000s films. However, I respect the movies, and understand that I have to see Episode III before I even think about watching The Force Awakens.

Having heard great reviews from the people who made me a Star Wars fan, I’m anxious to finish the series. If you haven’t watched any of the movies yet, I know I can’t convince you, but take it from me – they’re at least worth the try.

I used to think Star Wars was the farthest you could get from my type of movie, but now I understand that it doesn’t matter what kind of a movie person you are, I think most people can find something in Star Wars that they truly connect to and enjoy.

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