Pub proposed on campus to create new social experience

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Matthew Miller

Rumors have circulated around Assumption College regarding a possible addition to campus. The college could potentially have the privilege of its own watering hole.

The pub itself is a campus location that is still in the developmental process. There is nothing official at this point, but the Student Government Association has high hopes for this possibility.

The idea came up when SGA sent out a survey to upperclassmen prior to Easter recess. Questions regarding if students wanted a bar on campus, prices for draft beers and days and hours of operation and so on.

Senior and SGA President Patrick Giroux commented on this possible campus watering hole.

“SGA began exploring the concept for a pub on campus back in February,” said Giroux. “The idea came up when SGA was asked to seek student feedback for their ideas for an ‘updated’ campus center.”

Responses to the survey were overwhelmingly in favor of having the pub on campus. According to the varying responses, many are excited about the idea. Some consider it a safer alternative than driving off campus to a bar. This way, people can still drink on campus, but without the risk of an automobile catastrophe. There was the occasional comment against having the pub on campus, citing that it would cause some dilemmas and possibly encourage underage drinking.

The pub itself would serve a multitude of purposes. In addition to serving beer and wine, there would be appetizers and other similar pub-related fare. There will be activities such as karaoke, live music and large televisions for sporting extravaganzas. However, the issue of serving hard liquor is still under discussion.

Giroux also commented on other campuses that have similar establishments.

“Our three main competitors have a pub: Stonehill, St. A’s and Merrimack College,” said Giroux. “I’m not saying we need one purely because they do, but rather because of the success of campus pubs seen by other institutions of similar sizes and missions: the pub creates a new social scene on campus.”

There are other colleges in the Worcester area that have similar establishments. Worcester Polytechnic Institute has a pub called the Goat’s Head Pub, named after their beloved mascot. Their pub is essentially a Charlie’s combined with a bar portion. In fact, it seems almost strikingly similar to what Assumption College wants.

The location of the pub in question is expected to be either in the basement of Hagan or the Martel House located adjacent to Four Men.

This bar seems like a good idea. However, this pub would cater to most likely to the upperclassmen. Should underclassmen be allowed in, but not able to drink? Because of this question, there might be feelings of exclusions among the underclassmen. They should be allowed in, just not being able to partake in the consumption of alcohol. However, there would be the ever-persisting issue of fake I.D.s. This could prove a possible obstacle. If measures are taken, it could be prevented so everyone can have a good time.

Nonetheless, the pub could provide some good business for Assumption College. In fact, it might encourage safer practices for drinking and serve as a means to create an entertaining environment.

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