GrooveBoston is going to be groovy

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Kodye Bryce

The end of the school year is full of different kinds of events ranging from Duck Day to PupCup. One of the more prominent events on campus at the end of the year is the Spring Concert. This year’s Spring Concert is unlike any other concert that we have put on before. Instead of booking an artist that not every student may know or like, we were given the opportunity to select a performer that plays a variety of music that the entire student body will enjoy: GrooveBoston.

Yes, Campus Activities Board has done GrooveBoston in the past, but this event will be like no other GrooveBoston show that we’ve ever seen before. First of all, the event will be held on a completely different day then it usually is. Instead of it being on the last day of classes, the show will be on the Friday of PupCup, April 22. For this particular show, GrooveBoston will be designing the show based on this year’s PupCup theme, which is America.

It is truly going to be a unique show for the Student Body, as it is customized to integrate the PupCup theme and show the Assumption College student body something that has never been done before. What makes this show even more special is that it is free for all students and free for one off campus guest per student, if they choose to bring one.

CAB will be having ticket sign-ups for the event every single weekday until the day of the show and we strongly encourage every student to participate in this event because nothing will compare to it. If you would like to volunteer for the set-up of the event, you will receive a free t-shirt and a chance to have the VIP experience with GrooveBoston.

In the VIP Experience, VIPs are able to have a one of a kind experience with GrooveBoston, including hanging out with their crew, getting to play with the DJ equipment and getting to learn all about GrooveBoston in general. If you are interested in volunteering, please contact CAB at or stop into their office in Charlie’s. If you have any other questions regarding the event, you can also email us.

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