Black tie affair a success

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Katelyn Merrigan

On Friday, April 8 Assumption College held its annual junior and senior Spring Ball. The event was organized and hosted by Assumption’s Campus Activities Board, more specifically, by the organization’s Spring Ball executive Jenna Stringfellow.

Around 450 students purchased tickets to this year’s formal. The tickets were offered to juniors and seniors only, with the exception of any upperclassmen that brought along a non-junior or senior date. Tickets were $50 each, or two tickets could be purchased together for $90.

One change made to this year’s Ball was the seating chart. The chart, which was filled by attendees after they bought their ticket, was to avoid any issues with seating night of, while also allowing students to sit with their friends.

Another change made was to the buses, which transported students to and from the DCU Center. In the past, buses have left Assumption at designated times, which has caused problems with a back-up of students and buses arriving late to the Ball. This year, buses flowed to and from Assumption and the DCU Center between 5:30 p.m. and 6:45 p.m., which allowed for a smoother way to transport students.

After walking into the DCU Center, students were sent up the tall escalators leading to the ballroom foyer. Before doors to the hall were opened at 8 p.m., students could be seen in the foyer, in scattered groups, socializing, taking pictures and trying the various hors d’oeuvre provided.

The theme of this year’s ball was “A Black tie Affair.” The night’s official logo, an elegant black bowtie design, created by CAB’s Graphics executive Maria Qureshi, could be seen throughout the event. The design was printed on the formal invitations, the photo booth picture printouts and even on the event’s party favor, an elegant champagne glass.

After dinner and dessert, students made their way onto the dance floor. The ballroom lights dimmed and soon after, the floor was flooded with the friends and classmates.

Senior Kyle Forbes describes his thoughts after the night had come to a close. “The whole atmosphere was fantastic and the ball was organized very well. It was great seeing everyone having a good time and you could tell that CAB put a lot of time and effort into making it a special night,” said Forbes. “Overall I was very pleased with the night as a whole.”

Julia Goyette, a sophomore Ball attendee, also shared the same sentiment.

“This year’s black tie affair certainly lived up to its name. As a sophomore, I wasn’t expecting to go but was very excited to be invited,” said Goyette. “I think my favorite part was seeing everyone all dolled up and genuinely having a good time. If I have the opportunity to go again, I would.”

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