Batman v. Superman v. Critics

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Kaitlyn Akers

I won’t sugar coat it for all of you who love movie reviews: Batman v. Superman: The Dawn of Justice was an epic letdown.

Did they have humor? Yes. Did things blow up? Yes. Were the fight scenes good? Yes. Was Henry Cavill extremely amazing as Superman (not to mention super attractive)? Yes.

But aside from that, the movie absolutely sucked.

At the beginning, we are brought back to the most recent Man of Steel movie, where the entire city was destroyed, including Bruce Wayne/ Batman’s corporate building. People then start to believe that Superman is too powerful, and a power like that needs something to keep it at bay (clearly they haven’t figured out the whole kryptonite thing).

But that is where Lex Luther comes in, as he tries to import kryptonite when he learns what it can do to those from Superman’s planet.

Which is where Batman comes in, as he is the one to keep Superman at bay. But Superman was told that in order to save his mother, Martha, he had to kill Batman. They ended up becoming a team to defeat Doomsday, but Doomsday is stabbed with a kryptonite spear that was originally made for Superman.

But the duo couldn’t do it alone; the mysterious woman that piqued Batman’s interest earlier in the film turns out to be Wonder Woman. But we already knew that was going to happen because they revealed that in one of the trailers.

However, in the hero like fashion, Superman also gets stabbed while killing Doomsday and, according to the movie, dies. Lois Lane mourns over him at his grave after she discovers he was going to propose, and the casket is buried, but not before the soil shakes just a little.

So, Superman is “dead,” or that is what the audience is led to believe, but he is in the upcoming Justice League movie, so how dead can he really be? The world no longer has to worry about there being one person with too much power.

Here’s my problem with the movie: I can’t stand Ben Affleck to begin with, and his acting is not worthy of Batman. Not only does his acting suck, but the story line was all out of whack and if you didn’t know the premise to it beforehand, you would’ve been lost.

Second of all: Wonder Woman is amazing, and I hate that the producers insinuated that she wasn’t good enough to be on her own, that she was a side kick of sorts. Batman asks Superman “Is she with you?” and Superman replies, “I thought she was with you.”


Wonder Woman is awesome, and she isn’t a side kick to either Batman or Superman, and she also kicked Doomsday’s butt while Batman just did bat things. She even told them “I’ve killed things that aren’t from this world.”

Despite the 29 percent the movie got on Rotten Tomatoes, it is expected to surpass the $1 billion mark. So, even though it sucked, people still are holding out hope that it will fulfill their need for another superhero movie, and actually follow description it was given.

But it didn’t, and it was a letdown.

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