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Edward McMahon


A common word heard in everyday conversation. Everyone for the most part understands what you are talking about when you describe something as beautiful.

For me, this is a word that is underused. Beauty a word that can be applied to many different situations and points in our life, needs to be used more. For me personally I find beauty in almost anything.

For me, beauty is the lotus flower that blooms and shines bright in the presence of such a terrible environment and adversity.

Just as Walt Disney said, “The flower that blooms in adversity is the most rare and beautiful of all.”

Take a second to think about that and realize just how great of a line that is. I find that beauty in writings especially poems where beauty can hop off the page as if the words themselves grew legs and decided to manifest into reality.

That late night struggle between you and an English paper is beautiful. The bone chilling snow that covers the ground on a transit to class is beautiful. Each and everyone of the students sitting to your left and right in class is beautiful.

We all should take a second to stop always constantly traveling at one thousand miles an hour, press the pause button on the remote of life. Take a deep breath of fresh air, with our eyes closed, the sun warming our eyelids, and we will be able to break away from the stress of life. For that moment we will be living in the present. Not depressed about the past and not worried about the future but at peace in the present.

If we can take that second and look to our left and right and realize those college students are just like you, experiencing the same every struggle. We can form beautiful relationships in the presence of stress.

Some of the most amazing things on this Earth have risen from crumble. Some of my best papers have been written at two in the morning when I am running on zero sleep. Some of my closest friends have come from when I was at one of the lowest points in my life.

We all just need to try our best to get back to a fundamental and universal way of thinking to acknowledge that we and everything around us is beautiful. If we can try to do this little by little in our everyday life things may begin to take a shift in a positive direction.

We must as a society realize just how beautiful this planet is and realize that we are taking a toll on it. Our oceans that are home to thousands of beautiful creatures are being treated and we need to do something to change that.

So take that step back.

Let the world revolve around you as you stand still and get back to what is important. Focus on yourself and your inner beauty first and then look outwards.

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