Making a Murderer is one of Netflix's most addicting series yet

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Your life is taken away from you for 18 years, and after finally being free, you get put in jail for life. Conspiracy, lies and cover-ups: the story of Steven Avery, or more commonly known as Making a Murderer.

Making a Murderer, a Netflix documentary series, tells the story of Steven Avery, who was wrongfully convicted of first-degree sexual assault, first-degree attempted murder and false imprisonment. He was released after DNA proved that there was no way Avery could have committed the crime.

His case was in the public eye for years, and his exoneration brought more attention to the little county of Manitowoc, Wisconsin. Avery and his family were not well-liked, and is stated throughout the beginning of the series that it was the reason behind him being framed.

Avery’s freedom didn’t last long, as he was soon accused of murdering Teresa Halbach as she was at his salvage yard to take pictures of a van. Halbach went missing shortly after, and with no evidence or leads, Manitowoc was yet again struck with another horrific crime.

And naturally, the only person to blame was the most hated man in Manitowoc: Steven Avery. He was the last person to see her, so it made sense to investigate him. But the problems arose when no evidence was found, yet Avery was still in custody.

For Manitowoc, it was easier to blame the person that was hated and was put in jail previously for a crime he didn’t commit. And when the Manitowoc police department was told to stay out of the case, they continued to put their nose where it didn’t belong, and ultimately, an innocent man was convicted for life without the possibility of parole.

Is Avery innocent?

Without going into full details of the documentary series, Netflix gives some compelling arguments as to just how badly Avery was framed. And even though enough evidence was given to suggest that Avery was innocent, he was still convicted.

Will the court system ever see the truth? Will Avery be exonerated once again? Time will tell, but rumors are spreading that there will be another installment in the documentary series. Here’s to hoping that an innocent man is freed.

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