Will DiCaprio win an Oscar?

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Edward McMahon

I don’t know if any of you are as pumped for this years Oscars as I am, but you should be. The amount of talent and great works of cinematography that have been produced in the last year has been quite impressive. The same core group of top celebrity actors continues to remain at the top and yet the years come and go.

Nominations come out and time and time again, a name is nominated yet never on the stage to hold that award. That name is the one and only Leonardo DiCaprio. In his very prestigious career Leo, has been nominated for 186 different awards. He has won 62 times. Yet, he has been nominated for six Oscars and has yet to bring one home. This has started to create a joke that he will never win an Oscar one of the most prestigious awards in the actor community.

His nominations across the board alone is an amazing feat and I 100 percent believe that DiCaprio is not in this for the awards and that comes along with being a major movie star. He loves what he does, looking at acting as a craft and one he can continue to hone and get better at.

Take his last movie The Revenant. This was a different kind of role for DiCaprio yet one he admittedly pursued and put a lot of time and effort into. He went through physically demanding challenges and battled shooting in the frigid cold weather to get the perfect shot. I don’t believe he is worried about whether his performance will allow him to get nominated. He is just a man doing a job he loves.

To me, it just feels different this year his performance in The Revenant reminds me of the killer performance of Heath Ledger as The Joker in The Dark Knight, where there was full emersion in the roll. I was able to really connect and feel emotion through the screen. The Revenant does not contain a lot of dialogue, so there has to be a language spoken through movements and facial expressions. Leo executed this with perfection. It was just an unbelievable performance.

At age 41, DiCaprio is still relatively young in the business and shows no sign of slowing down. I just hope with everything inside me that he finally brings home an Oscar like he should of many years ago. Lets all hope the same…because come on, it’s Leonardo DiCaprio.

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