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Anna Gill

For students, college is the best of times, yet with our overwhelming courseloads, college can also be the worst of times. During our undergraduate years, we make some incredible memories with people who will be the greatest friends we ever have. However, we must not forget we are all here for one reason: to obtain a degree. Our degrees are the golden tickets that signify that we have completed all the academic requirements at this institution of higher education that will help us to conquer the world outside of 500 Salisbury Street.

As a second-semester senior, I can only imagine how crossing the stage and finally receiving that diploma will feel. Holding it proudly with feelings of achievement and elation, we will pose for pictures with our friends and families. To us students, that diploma is a symbol of all of our hard work and the blood, sweat and actual tears we have put forth in our academics during the past four years. It signifies all the time we spent studying tirelessly in the library, doing research in the labs, writing lesson plans and completing hours of internships to prepare ourselves for our futures.

Each of us has put so much work into our academics, and for many, a majority of our college career has been dedicated to studying subjects relevant to our respective majors. Undoubtedly, this is the reason students are so passionate about their majors being displayed on their diploma.

Currently, a bachelor’s degree from Assumption College reads “Bachelor of Arts” and rightfully so, since we are receiving a bachelor’s degree at a liberal arts college. However, students have been voicing concerns in regards to the fact that their majors are not represented on their diploma. For this reason, as a student leader and class senator, I have initiated conversations with the Vice President of Academic Affairs on Student Government, Kaitlyn Riley, and the Provost, Dr. Carroll Keeley, in regards to this concern.

In a meeting of the student senate, the Provost explained that there would be money and time restrictions preventing majors from being on the diploma. Also discussed was the fact that there aren’t many colleges of our size that have majors on their diplomas; however, the Provost agreed this was not a strong argument for us not to. The biggest concern she expressed was that by adding our majors to our diplomas, it may take away from the liberal arts education we received.

“Printing our major on our diploma shows that we all received a strong liberal arts education, while also being trained and prepared in a specific area of study,” said junior Anthony Manzi.

“We are passionate about different things and that should be celebrated in our diplomas, along with Bachelors of Arts,” said senior Nicole Gonzalez.

In an effort to advocate for those students who strongly believe their majors should be represented on their diplomas, I have started an online petition to collect signatures to bring to administration. Currently, the petition has received over 500 signatures. The petition has even reached the attention of some Assumption alumni.

“After working hard as a double major it was disappointing to not see that reflected on my diploma,” said alumna Ivy Boulay.

The number of supporters continues to grow, and those who are passionate about this issue are encouraged to sign the petition on This petition, although it does not guarantee a change will be implemented, provides an opportunity to let students’ voices be heard and show administration that having our majors on our diplomas is something about which many students are passionate.

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