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Ceara McDonnell

Not only is Halloween a fun, exhilarating and memorable holiday for children, but Halloween is an even more exciting time for college students. From the costumes, autumn foliage, sugar and thrilling overall spirit, it makes the holiday even more special and unique. Due to the excitement of Halloween, some might consume more alcohol and take more risks than they usually do on any other typical weekend. Some people might want to experiment with new and exotic drinks, and partake in drinking games that pertain to the Halloween theme. Possibly people will be drinking for longer periods of time, and some might drink at completely different and happening venues, including clubs, bars, frat-houses and even the Valley. There is nothing wrong with celebrating this enticing festivity with your friends or other peers, but the holiday makes people participate in more high-risk behavior in which students ultimately are prone to making poor choices.

On Halloween and other holidays, occasions and weekends, people run into tension, and conflicts arise due to the presence of alcohol or other substances. Sometimes when dealing with alcohol, people are more prone to violence, embarrassment and accidents. But on this Halloween and other more exhilarating events to come, let’s make it a goal to have a balance of fun and control over the usage of alcohol. When planning your eventful day or night out, always keep in mind your surroundings by ensuring that you and loved ones are in a safe environment, and always be able to have the opportunity to locate a destination for help when needed. When going out, especially in big or crowded places, don’t wear any valuables that might be either stolen or lost, always carry your driver’s license and cash, and keep your phone fully charged.

Another good strategy is to always drink with people that you trust and know so you both can take care of each other. If you become separated from the group, the worst thing to do is wander off, so right before you go out, always have a meeting destination in case someone gets lost.

Before you drink, make sure you have a full stomach and make sure you stay hydrated throughout the day. In between drinks make sure you take a break, drink more water and, if the opportunity comes, eat a snack. Don’t drink out of cups that are not carefully attended, and watch people who are providing you with drinks.

When leaving the party, make sure you have a designated a driver; public transportation is preferable. It is very crucial to stay hydrated while drinking, so have either a water bottle or pitcher of water near you and your friends while you are alternating drinks. Alcohol withdraws the water from the body, and most of our brain tissue is made up of water. If the night before you are not drinking water, then your brain will become dehydrated, and you will wake up with a painful headache. However, keep in mind water will not make you any less intoxicated and does not protect your liver.

When it comes to drinking, whether it’s a holiday weekend or not, there should always be a balance of fun and responsibility. We all make mistakes; some of us are still learning about how alcohol affects our bodies, forget to hydrate and still fall into peer pressure. But the most important thing is to learn and reflect back on your previous mistakes, make sure that you don’t do those same mistakes again and help your friends not to make the same mistakes as you. For this weekend, keep in mind these sets of suggestions and tips to ensure you have a safe and delighted Halloween.

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