Tips to stay afloat

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Bradford Elias

Whether you are a returning student or a new face to the Assumption community, the moments of moving into your dorm room, unpacking your belongings and attending big lectures always seem exciting and interesting, to say the least. Now, you’re almost halfway through this term of classes, and that can mean only one thing: midterms.

With midterms underway, many of us are finding different ways to put forth the recommended amount of time to prepare for those tests.

In order to strategize and manage time effectively, here are some tips that will help make midterm week a breeze.

Choose a study area with limited distractions, e.g. the library.

Don’t cram; don’t wait until the night before to begin studying for an exam. Start preparation plans now.

Ask for help. Use as many on-campus resources as possible. Some resources include the Academic Support Center tutors, faculty office hours and study groups.

Stay healthy; pencil in some time for healthy meals and regular exercise to stay focused.

Don’t let all of your hard work go to waste. Remember that preparation plans will help ensure that you take those midterms without any stress.

According to Allen Bruehl, director of the Academic Support Center, utilizing these and other tips helps build a better sense of what the Assumption community is all about.

“I like the idea of students collaborating with other students to learn, and I think it’s often underappreciated,” said Bruehl.

Bruehl expanded on the topic of collaboration and related it to what he sees in the eyes of the people with whom he works.

“The tutors are helping [the students] to relax and create an environment that they can learn in, but...I think the tutors get as much out of it as the tutee coming in,” commented Bruehl.

Students also learn a lot from their experiences. Meredith Bercier, a junior from Oxford, Massachusetts, works as a tutor on campus and enjoys helping other students with their schoolwork.

“My favorite part about tutoring is when you’re working on an assignment with someone and they’re really struggling with it,” she said. “The more you work with them, all of a sudden, they kind of light up and I really love during an appointment when you can see that ‘aha’ moment.”

Through reaching out to others and managing your time wisely, there is no doubt that you will feel at ease upon entering the classroom and completing those midterms. Follow these tips and you’ll be better prepared for current exams and the quickly approaching finals in December.

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