Scream Queens is a must watch for the fall season

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Rebecca Galib

A psychotic serial killer is enough to give anyone the heebie-jeebies, but what if our own campus was plagued with murders? This is precisely what happens in Scream Queens, the horror-comedy show that first aired on September 22.

The Kappa Kappa Tau House has many secrets, as the viewer comes to know within the first minutes of the show: the previous president of the sorority was burned with an acid spray tan, and a baby was born in a bathtub during a party and the mother of the child was left to bleed out. But perhaps the biggest secret of all is why a masked serial killer keeps targeting these college students.

One of the main protagonists, Grace Gardener (Skyler Samuels), first sees the killer watching her from afar. This begs the question, will she be next?

Grace and her roommate, Zayday (Keke Palmer), as well as various other odd girls join the sorority, much to president of the sorority Chanel Oberlin’s (Emma Roberts) protests. This is the trigger of the murders, and the killer is being all but quiet about it.

In regards to the horror factor, to be blunt, the effects were cheesy, but this was barely noticeable thanks to the comedic screaming of the sorority girls during each killing. On the other hand, the comedy factor was off the charts. Even some of the murders were funny, such as when Tiffany (Whitney Meyers), or Deaf Taylor Swift Girl, sings “Shake It Off” right before her head is ground into mulch by a lawnmower.

Emma Roberts is clearly the star here, playing Chanel, the sorority girl who is a step above Mean Girls’ Regina George. Her fierceness is second to none. She is the girl everyone will love to hate as the show continues through the season.

Produced by Ryan Murphy who also produced Fox’s hit Glee, have high expectations of viewers the show. The star-studded cast brought a sense of excitement, featuring stars like Lea Michele, Ariana Grande, Jamie Lee Curtis and Nick Jonas.

The premiere raised many questions that need to be answered. What is it about Kappa Kappa Tau that makes it a target? Who is this costumed killer? Is one of the characters the baby from the first scene? And what about that surprise plot twist of an ending? The rest of the season is eagerly awaited as viewers are screaming for more.

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