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Miguel Duarte

Whether you have started to accept it or not, graduation is just a few short days away. Ladies and gentlemen, let me be the first one to tell you that reality is stranger than fiction and reality is headed this way—and quick! On the 16th day of May 2015, cameras will snap, lights will flash and tears will stream down cheeks like the day after your first high school break up.

Every soon-to-be alumni crossing that stage will be graduating with a lifetime of memories, experiences and stories. For everyone, the college experience consists of some lows and some highs, but the graduating class of 2015 has not come up short with the amount of thrills, excitements or natural phenomenon’s.

The first night of college consisted of a power outage caused by hurricane Irene. Many first-years were forced out of their new dorms to share their excitement of what was going on to their new floor-mates. Many of the friendships that happened our first year was a direct result of this.

Shortly thereafter, an ice storm that made the state of Massachusetts a skating arena caused campus to be evacuated. This resulted in many first-year students to miss out on their first “real” college Halloween experience. Hurricane Sandy, snowstorm Nemo, the widely talked about bomb threat and Snowstorm Juno were amongst the multitude of other events that occurred during our college years at Assumption.

Aside from all of those events that Mother Nature threw at us, our stay at Assumption has been nothing short of eventful and filled with memories. There’s a lot we’ve shared as a class—such as that dang Matriculation Ceremony. We all met at the Multi-Purpose Stadium dripping in sweat and took the first good look at our class. We sat there for an hour and a half in the Plourde Recreation center. Too hot, too close, too soon. After that, we had our first Hagan Lawn barbeque that would prove to be the first of many.

We have also had our fair share of Bingo nights CAB, AC Idol events and Duck Days. Don’t forget 30 plus t-shirts that we have all collected throughout the years from different events hosted by different clubs and organizations. Assumption students love free t-shirts and I think it’s safe to say that we are all set with workout t-shirts for the rest of our lives.

This year we started off September with Seniors’ First Night Out. I’m sure that we were all saying to ourselves that even though we are seniors, there is a long way until graduation. Yet, here we are less than a month away from graduation. The whole senior class met at Jillian’s of Worcester and had a great time dancing, playing games, and, most importantly, buying drinks. The 50 Days Celebration followed shortly after that. This time we changed bars, oh, and there was also eight feet of snow on the ground in every direction that you looked! The Beginning of the End happened last weekend and it was just as fun as our First Night Out, but this time, there was a tasty beverage being offered at the bar called the “Blue Hound.”

Soon after graduation, we will all be starting a different chapter in our lives. Things will definitely change, but they will mostly be for the better. There is no possible way of knowing all that will happen after graduation or even if all of our friends will still be in touch—even if you promise each other that you will be. I guess what I’m trying to say is that we all owe it to ourselves to enjoy the last couple of weeks that we have left and regret nothing. No regrets, Hounds.

We have worked so hard to get to this point. Now it is time to live it up and make all the more memories. And whatever you end up doing in your future, make sure to always give it your all. Let’s show the world what the Greyhounds are capable of. We should all be so proud. We made it, Hounds! Good luck and much love.

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