Stay in the Green Zone

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Ceara McDonnell

Another St. Patrick’s Day has come and gone and everyone gets to be “Irish” for a day and enjoy the cultural festivities and traditions. It’s an annual custom for people from all countries around world to engage in drinking activities, the most popular tradition of them all. Due to the excitement of the holiday, some might consume more alcohol and take more risks. than normal. Some people might find an excuse to try new and exotic drinks pertaining to the St. Patrick’s Day theme; maybe some people might drink for longer periods of time; and some might even be drinking in a more happening setting especially in cities that include New York or Dublin.

There is nothing wrong with celebrating this joyous festivity with your friends, your colleagues or your family members, but because of the excitement of St. Patrick’s Day it makes people more prone to making poor choices.

Sometimes, when dealing with alcohol, people are more prone to violence, embarrassment and accidents. On this St. Patrick’s Day and other more exhilarating events to come, let’s make it a goal to have a balance of fun and control over the usage of alcohol.

When going out, especially in big and crowded places, don’t wear any valuables that might be either stolen or lost, always carry with your driver’s license, your fully charged phone and cash.

Another good strategy is to always drink with people that you trust and know, and have a buddy so you both can take care of each other. If you become separated from the group, the worst thing to do is to wander off, so right before you go out always have a meeting destination, in case someone gets lost or call. Before you drink make sure you have a full stomach and make sure you stay hydrated throughout the day.

In March the organization of Peers Advocating Wellness for Students hosted a, “Do you Pour More?” session that involves a St. Patrick’s theme which highly emphasizes the importance of “staying in the green zone.” This session will helped inform students and faculty of the importance and gave tips on how to keep you blood alcohol content level under .08, as well as review of the standard drink size.

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