Date or not, the Spring Ball masquerade will totally be worth it

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Katie Akers

It’s that time of year again: pretty dresses, boys in suits and an all-night dance party. It’s time for Spring Ball.

While some of you might be cringing because you realized that you actually have to find a dress, or a date (flash back to prom, right?), I can honestly say I’m pretty excited.

Let’s be honest. It’s one time each year event that we get to dress up to a theme, and come on, masquerade is a theme that everyone can have fun with. You get to pick out a mask to match to the dress that you’ve spent weeks shopping for, you get to spend time with your friends and, for you seniors, it’s that one last event that will remain in your memory for years to come.

I can understand why some people are pretty bitter, though. I will admit, dress shopping can either make your day, or completely ruin it. There is nothing worse than finding a stunning dress only to discover it doesn’t come in your size, or even worse, it cost nearly $500.

It can be especially bitter for those who are stuck third-wheeling it with your friends who all have dates. I get it; it’s not only miserable, but slightly embarrassing. However, here’s the catch: They won’t be tied to the hip all night.

While they have their dates for pictures, remember that you will have plenty of time to dance, take pictures and have fun with your friends. Just because you don’t have a date, doesn’t mean that you can’t have fun—dates don’t make or break your night.

Remember at prom when everyone had a date, and suddenly when you got to the venue, no one really stayed with their date the entire night? Yeah, me to. Spring Ball isn’t any different, except there is a theme.

Don’t let not having a date keep you from going to Spring Ball. While it’s fun to say you went with someone, it’s a lot more fun to say that you went with your friends and made memories that you will be able to recall at your 25-year Class Reunion.

And to people who think the theme of masquerade is stupid? He’s a simple solution: don’t wear a mask. You will still be able to take part in all that makes Spring Ball so, so fun, and still feel comfortable wtih what you’re wearing. Pretty easy, huh?

So, to all those who are debating if Spring Ball is worth it, I would say yes.

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