We weigh in: Is online or real life dating better

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Kathleen Nolan

The technology that has been invented in our lifetime is astounding. Technology has become a part of almost everything we do, even dating.

While online dating is growing in popularity, “old school” dating is not overrated.

Trying to find someone you actually like and feel compatible with is hard. The idea of having a computer take the work out of it sounds good, but I question how computers know your true desires and feelings. And can a computer effectively match these feelings and desires well with someone else’s?

A lot of people feel they should turn to online dating because it gets better results. Want to know a secret? Online dating has mixed results just like “old school” dating. Some studies even show that online dating produces less committed and meaningful relationships. This makes sense, considering a lot of people have accounts on dating sites just because it will produce a laugh.

There’s also a creepy factor, especially for girls, with online dating. Most relationships have a common link, whether you met the person at a party or spin class. That doesn’t mean he or she can’t lie to you about who he is, but at least he has some sort of concrete link to you. He isn’t just a picture on a screen.

Online dating is far less personal as well. If you have all these options presented at the same time, you are quicker to judge someone by their appearance. In “old school dating,” most of the time, each potential date comes at you at a different time and you’re more willing to give them a fair chance.

As a society, we say that we don’t have time to meet someone. Did you know that the average Tinder user spends 77 minutes a day on the app? That’s more than an hour of your day that you could use to get to know a real person instead of swiping.

There is something nice about having someone ask you out face-to- face. A person got the courage to put themselves out there. Online rejection is easy because you can just move on to the next person on the screen. If you are asking someone out in an “old school” sense, you had probably invested some time into this person and the rejection will probably hurt more. Even though getting hurt stinks, there’s something organic and genuine about actually putting yourself out there.

I really don’t see the appeal of online dating for college students. Instead of sitting in your dorm room swiping, why not go out with some friends to a party and interact with real people? College is all about making friends and having new experiences. The experience of staring at a screen and chatting with people online is nothing new.

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