Valentine's Day is for yourself and your loved ones, not just for your SO

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Caroline Critelli

It’s pretty obvious that when it comes to Valentine’s Day, you either love it or you hate it— there’s no in between. And I feel like your personal opinion of the holiday all lies in how you think it should be spent verses how you actually spend it.

Many people get caught up in the idea that you need a significant other in order to actually celebrate the day, or that you need to spend a lot of money for the person you’re spending it with, when that’s just not true.

Valentine’s Day is a day to show your love and appreciation for the people in your life that you may not express it to everyday. It’s a holiday for spreading love to those around you. As you view the holiday as something for everyone and not just those with a significant other, you’ll find yourself loving it a lot more. Spending the day with your best friends just watching movies and eating pizza could be all you need to enjoy the day.

And if you’re someone who feels that you need to spend a lot of money on this day, remember that handmade gifts mean so much more than anything you can buy. So instead of going crazy just make a card or write a poem. Its Valentine’s Day; its crucial to put your heart into what you get for your friends or significant others.

But, there’s one person that you should definitely not forget on Valentine’s Day. Yourself. Loving yourself is such an important aspect of life, but it can often be forgotten. We tend to lose ourselves in homework, studying, extra-curricular activities and hanging out with friends, and we forget that we need time for ourselves. So, I say, Valentine’s Day could be the perfect day to take a break from all the crazy and just relax. You could do anything from catching up on your favorite show on Netflix to rereading your favorite book to finally buying that pair of shoes that you’ve wanted since forever. Treating yourself on this day and giving yourself a little love can really change the way you look at how the day is normally perceived.

Valentine’s Day, is a day to just show people how much you love them, and that’s not bad thing. Wether you spend it with your friends, family, your significant other or just with yourself, you’re guaranteed to have a great day.

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