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Kevin Swenson

Once again I find myself waking up to about three emails from Sara Heath, reminding me that I have to do my senior column, which also happened to be due about 24 hours before when I was writing it… which I promised to do for her about a week before that. Perfect.

Last time I wrote for the Provoc, I was speaking on behalf of the African-, Latino/Hispanic-, Asian- and Native American Network and my position for the group. Now I am here on a different note, but do not miss my next ALANA related article later this year. For now I want to talk about something many of us in the class of 2015 are probably very concerned about as the school year, and inevitably school in general, comes to a close: Graduation.

Yes, I said the “G-Word” and yes, I have my own personal reservations about the whole thing as I prepare myself to move back home with my parents Ann and Phil, something my mother is thrilled about by the way, and I cannot help but think about the world as a whole. It sounds a little cliché to say, just like the word “cliché” is cliché itself, but I really am.

If you read enough news or look at Twitter for more than 15 seconds, you’ll see that the world is kind of a scary place. I mean like really scary. It makes Worcester look like Disneyland—seriously. So what’s the deal? Well I don’t know really. But that’s what gets me so excited for graduation.

Listen. I don’t want to seem like I know everything, or act like I am some sort of hyper-omniscient being who, through my super magical ability, can know what all of our problems are and how awful they are, but there is one thing I do know. I’m excited.

I am unmeasurably excited to walk across that stage and shake the various administrators’ hands as I take my degree. I am excited for you, Class of 2015, to walk across the stage.


Because despite how scary or strange our world is, we are so ready. We are 100 percent ready. We are 1000 percent ready. I am so excited to learn about what everyone will do once we leave Assumption and get out into the real world. We are a superbly talented group of people. I’ve sat through enough of Dean Campell’s leadership trainings to know what we are all like.

So, since according to me, we are so great (no offense to the rest of you, I like you all too) then I’ll leave this article and start off the senior columns for the semester on this note: Be excellent. Aristotle believed that people should attempt to reach Telos—or human excellence—so let’s do it everyone. We are crossing the potentially last finish line in our schooling careers, so let’s go out with a bang, and get off the line out there the fastest.

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