Deans and Resident Assistants participate in 'Pie-a-Reslifer'

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Jenna DeMasi

On Wednesday, November 5, the College’s Resident Hall Association sponsored the event “Pie-a- Reslifer.” Members of Residential Life covered a table with different flavors of pie and paper plates covered in whipped cream. Other members were dressed in trash bag ponchos, ready to be hit with the delicious dessert. Students could pay $1 to pie a member of Residential Life or pay $5 to pie Conway Campbell, dean of campus life, or Robert “Dean Bob” Ravenelle, dean of students.

“RHA is raising money for our yearly leadership conference. This year, it’s in Syracuse, New York,” said senior Residential Assistant Terri Whelan.

The concept of throwing pies at members of ResLife and the two Deans sounded amusing and members of the Resident Hall Association unanimously agreed.

“We really just wanted to think of an event that students were willing to come out to and spend money on,” said Whelan. “Rumor has it that Dean Campbell has been asked to be a part of this event for 12 years and he’s finally doing it.”

He and the rest of the Resident Hall Association had their fun at the event.

The event kicked off with Dean Campbell sneaking up behind Kat LeClerc and hitting her with a plate of whipped cream. The fun didn’t stop there for him. Dean Campbell also got the chance to pie Dean Bob, into his face.

Despite being hit with pie, Dean Bob was generous and let the RHA keep the change from his five dollar bill while he got his revenge by pieing Resident Assistant.

The Deans were not the only ones who partook in throwing pies. Assumption’s cross country and track and field coach Mickey Meila got the chance to hit Whelan, who took multiple pies to the face like a champ. She smiled throughout the entire process.

“That’s true friendship,” said senior Kayleigh Eldridge.

Eldridge got the once in a lifetime opportunity to throw whipped cream at fellow RA, Lillian Irwin. When handed a plate of whipped cream, she proceeded to ask for more because she believed there wasn’t enough on her plate to do it justice.

Not every RA at the event was willing to get pied by their fellow peers.

“All of these brave souls said yes. I’m just here to support the brave souls,” said junior RA Kayla Higgins.

Senior RA Emily Burkhart had signed up to be pied, but after a half hour, figured that she had successfully avoided it. Unfortunately, Burkhart was wrong when juniors Jonathan Souza, Margaret Schelling and Brittany Stewart came running over to Plourde with dollar bills in their hands. Emily not only got hit with pies by her friends, but her twin sister, senior RA Erin Burkhart, also came to the event to “support” her sister by shoving whipped cream in her face.

Another RA that took getting pied with a smile on her face was senior RA Heidi Bevilaqua. Bevilaqua got hit five times by her friends, which resulted in having some of her hair dripping in whipped cream. She was also the RA that got hit the most.

“Why is it a thing to specifically pie me?!” Heidi laughed.

Overall, the event was a success; RHA was able to raise some money and have a little fun. Luckily, when they represent Assumption at the leadership conference, their faces won’t be dripping with whipped cream.

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