The Vampire Diaries makes a Thursday night return to the CW and leaves audience asking some serious questions

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Paola Trabanco

Words cannot describe how happy I am that The Vampire Diaries is back after a mind-blowing season. Can we please talk about how jaw dropping the last episode of season five was? Thank you CW for making me go crazy with that finale and making me wait endless months for the new season to begin.
Let’s talk about the last season shall we? In season five, Damon, Elena, Bonnie, Caroline and Enzo had a plan to bring Stefan back from the Other Side.
The plan was set: Matt and Jeremy will start a gas leak at The Grill, Damon and Elena will drive into The Grill and blow it into pieces, Liv would start the spell and Bonnie would serve once again as an anchor and bring Stefan and our old friend Alaric (missed you) to life. Of course, just because they have a plan doesn’t mean that everything is going to run smoothly because it’s The Vampire Diaries, and nothing ever goes according to the plan.
As more people went through Bonnie, the weaker she became. She even offered to cross Lexi to the Other Side, but she refused (oh Lexi, bless your good soul). Stefan, Alaric and Elena crossed to the Other Side. Elena didn’t initially want to cross because Damon was nowhere to be found. Meanwhile, Liv’s brother, Luke, saw how weak his sister was becoming and decided to step in and break the spell. Why, Luke? Why? You couldn’t just wait two more minutes? She would have been just fine, but just like that, Bonnie and Damon got stuck on the Other Side.
What really brought me to tears was the ending of the season finale. Damon and Bonnie are both on the Other Side and, even though they aren’t fond of each other they have to stay strong. A white light appears in the background and they are gone. Talk about a tear filled season finale. Needless to say, I was heartbroken and devastated that Damon didn’t make it. He finally had everything he wanted and just like that, it’s gone.
One of the biggest reasons why I couldn’t wait for season six was because it was unclear whether Damon would come back to the show. Spoiler alert: he does (but not in the way you would think). Thank you CW for not writing him off. I mean let’s be real, what would The Vampire Diaries be without Damon?
For some reason, this season feels very different. Elena is having a hard time getting over Damon (I mean, who wouldn’t?). Meanwhile, Damon and Bonnie are stuck on the Other Side (what exactly is this place anyway?). Alaric is back (hallelujah) and is now a professor at Elena’s college. Jeremy is a mess, drinking his problems away and trying to forget Bonnie. Stefan is living in Savannah, Georgia. We learn that while taking a break from tracing a witch coven that can contact the dead, he spends his spare time working as a mechanic and seeing a girl named Ivy.
Then we have Caroline, who is the voice of reason. She has become one of my favorite characters, and I wish more people (yes, you Stefan) would listen more to her. Caroline dropped out of college and is looking to break the magic spell that’s keeping the vampires out Mystic Falls. Caroline keeps calling Stefan, but he ignores her calls. Is it just me or does everyone else get this feeling that there might be something more than a friendship between Stefan and Caroline?
Now, can we all agree that it is a horrible idea for Elena to ask Alaric to erase all her memories from Damon? It took five seasons for Elena and Damon to finally be together with all the obstacles in their way and now she just wants all the memories of Damon out of her mind. I understand that she is heartbroken and thinking of Damon constantly only makes it worse, but why, Elena why? This is only going to cause trouble in the future, and once it is done, God knows how long it will take to bring all those memories back.
This season is going to be different from the other ones, and I’m excited for it. But most importantly, I want to know how Damon and Bonnie are going to get back from the Other Side because they have to come back eventually... right? The Vampire Diaries airs on Thursdays at 8 p.m. on the CW.

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