New Pierre mascot unveiled

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Crowds of Assumption students, faculty, staff, alumni and parents gathered at the Multi-Sports Stadium to witness the unveiling of the new Pierre mascot on Saturday, September 27 at 1 p.m. on what seemed to be a sunny and cheerful occasion.

The unveiling was during half-time of the homecoming football game, where the Hounds football team played against the Long Island University Post Pioneers.

Audience members waited with anticipation the unveiling of Pierre.

“I’m looking forward to seeing the new Pierre,” said junior Chanell Cartagena. “I think this is going to bring a new face and energy to the Assumption spirit for the Greyhounds.”

The opportunity for a new and improved mascot was seen as a great effort by the Student Government Association and Athletics.

“Oh my God, yes! I am so excited,” said senior Katie Cullerot. “I think that this is a very positive thing, especially with the way that Athletics wants to revamp the image, going a new direction. So I think having this new Pierre is the beginning of a new and great chapter for Athletics as well as the Assumption community.”

The old Pierre costume, although popular on campus, was seen as a run-down mascot that needed revamping. The effort to come up with a new design was made possible through the SGA’s and Athletics’ collaboration in coming up with ways to design a more innovative and modern Pierre. Both organizations recognized the importance and necessity for a stronger school spirit.

Junior Patrick Giroux, SGA vice president of student affairs, along with Dr. Catherine WoodBrooks, vice president of student affairs, Kenneth “Ken” Johnson, assistant director of athletics and recreation for communications, and Nicholas “Nick” Smith, director of athletics and recreation, met in late May to discuss possible ways to revamp school spirit. They worked with Phoenix Design, the same company who created the Athletics logo. Phoenix Design sent numerous proofs to Giroux, WoodBrooks, Johnson and Smith.

They also reached out to Street Characters, a college mascot design company based in Canada, who manufactured the new Pierre, taking approximately two months to physically make it. The College also invested in clothes and a cooling vest for the mascot, so the student wearing it would feel more comfortable.

“Every detail on this [mascot] mattered,” said Giroux. “We wanted to do it right.”

“I feel that the new costume represents the new brand of Assumption Athletics very well and the direction of where our athletic department is going,” said Smith. “It resembles more of what a greyhound looks like,tough-looking but also friendly to all fans.”
The new innovative features in the new mascot left hope for wearers of the costume.

“As a former Pierre, when I wore the old mascot costume, it did need a new renovation,” said junior Lauren McCarthy. “So when I found out when a new one was coming out, it was awesome.”

Once the half-time period hit, the crowd awaited anxiously as a Public Safety patrol car drove through the field with its sirens blasting. To the public’s surprise, the new Pierre mascot was in the back seat. The new Pierre stepped out of the car and was greeted by students and the old Pierre. The announcer spoke and told the audience to bid farewell to old Pierre who was heading towards retirement, and the new Pierre started his duties as the official Assumption mascot.

As half-time came to a close and the new Pierre made his debut, audience members felt positive about towards the new design of Pierre.

“I love the new Pierre. People used to talk about the old one not looking like a greyhound,” said Conway Campbell, dean of campus life. “The new one is nice. He looks friendly. I think kids are going to love him and fans are going to love him, too.”
“So glad he’s not scaring children anymore,” said WoodBrooks.

“The new Pierre is a breath of fresh air. It looks like an actual greyhound,” said alumnus Nicolas Guerra. “I congratulate SGA on getting a new Pierre for the school.”

“Very good looking guy,” said alumnus Thomas Souza. “Definitely something to look forward to coming back.”

“It will bring a whole new look to the team,” said first year Kaitlyn Shaker.

The new Pierre will be present at sporting and campus events in the hopes to cheer and welcome all proud Hounds.

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