The Big Bang Theory starts off with a bang

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Caroline Critelli

Everybody's favorite nerds are back this fall for the eighth season of CBS’s The Big Bang Theory. With the amount of time that this series has been on television it’s easy to assume that many changes have happened to our favorite characters throughout the years. And change is just what we got in the show’s season seven finale.

To recap, last season ended with Leonard and Penny getting engaged. Since the happy couple refuses to live together with Sheldon, they planned to move out. This leads Sheldon’s girlfriend, Amy, to want to move in with him, an idea that makes Sheldon panic. Also, the comic book store burned down. This leads the now-homeless store owner, Stuart, to move in with Howard’s mother in exchange for taking care of her. All of these changes, including not being able to change his area of research study keep cause Sheldon to have a meltdown and flee from the madness. So with everything that happened in last season’s finale, it was going to be interesting to see what the show would bring to season eight. And in many ways, it wraps up several of the shocking changes and sets up what our characters may face in the rest of the season.

For starters, Sheldon is picked up by Leonard and Amy from Arizona, where he’s failed to make it on his own. Now he has to face the changes that happened in the finale from which he attempted to run away. And, as someone who doesn’t like change, it will be hard to see how this different, more mature Sheldon acts or if he ends up reverting back to his old ways.

A new job for Penny (thanks to Bernadette), which means more money for her. As a character who has frequently needed others’ financial help, it will be exciting to see how the character develops now that money is not an issue. This could even affect the couple’s relationship as Leonard has always been the one who made more money and now it’s more balanced. Being familiar with the roller-coaster relationship for which the two are known, I can see something coming from this change. Will it be positive or negative? We’ll have to wait and see. Am I the only one who’s nervous about if Leonard and Penny will even make it to their wedding day? They’ve been on and off so much that just waiting to see if they actually end up married is reason enough to watch this season.

Also, Stuart has apparently continued to care for Howard’s mother even though he is no longer needed there. It’s funny seeing Stuart and Ms. Wolowitz interacting together. They’re just two characters who I never thought I’d see form a weird sort of bond. Still, this rather odd turn of events is getting on Howard’s last nerve as he plans to get Stuart out of his mother’s house. Howard has always been a fan favorite so it’s always fun to see what he can bring to the show.

Oh, and Raj has a girlfriend now. All we’ve ever seen from this character is him being sad about not being in a relationship. So, I guess if he’s in a happy relationship it’ll force him to find something else to do.

Overall, I think season eight of The Big Bang Theory does have a lot of promise. But there is one other thing that I want to bring up that has been all over the place since the season began. In all seriousness, this is a thing that has led people to stop watching the show. Penny got a haircut. Yes, her signature long, blonde locks are now gone and so are some of the viewers. But does this really matter? It’s easy to say, “I don’t like it, it’s ugly and it’s ruined the whole show,” or “It’s just a haircut, it’s not going to affect anything like the way the character acts or any plot line.” But I’d be lying if I said that there haven’t been cases on other TV shows where a character changed their appearance and everything went downhill. There was a show called Felicity back in the 90s that got great reviews for the first season. Then, in season two the main character cut her hair and ratings immediately declined and the show died soon after. So, these types of things can really affect a show. But as for this show, right now, I honestly don’t mind it. Changes are happening left and right, so a character’s change in appearance isn’t that out-of-place. A change in appearance can symbolize a change in life and that’s honestly what’s happening to Penny in the show, so it’s not that random.

If there’s anything that I can guarantee will happen this season of The Big Bang Theory, it’s that there will be changes. It’s not the same show that it was seven, five or even a year ago. But it’s promising something new, so I think it’s fair to give it a chance as long as it keeps the same heart that it’s always had. The Big Bang Theory airs Mondays at 8 p.m. on CBS.

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