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Pablo A. Sierra-Carmona

“It seemed like forever ago, like we’ve had this brief but still infinite forever. Some infinities are bigger than other infinities.” -John Green, The Fault in Our Stars

As the wild college student that I am, I spent my usual Saturday night watching TV while eating ice cream. However, this Saturday felt different. I had recently turned 21 and things just didn’t seem the same as they did three years ago. I wasn’t quite sure why, but all I could feel was, well, different.

Then I had an epiphany while watching The Mindy Project.

In an episode, Mindy says to her teenage friend Sophia: “You’re obsessed with forever.” And that hit me like a ton of bricks. Because it is true—I am obsessed with forever.

I’m so afraid that I won’t fulfill my goals or the people that I love will all of the sudden disappear from my life, so I cling on to them way too much. I don’t let go. But in reality, it’s more like I can’t let go.

This past year, I’ve had to say goodbye to people who I’ve become extremely attached to. And with the thought of graduation looming over my head, the angst of saying goodbye to what I’ve held so dear these past three years has been very tough. So, as a result, I find myself refusing to let go.

But then I remembered one of the things my mom said before dropping me off my freshman year: “I must allow you to grow your wings and let you fly. I have to. If I don’t, that means I’m not doing my job right. Because your happiness gives me happiness.”

And this is where John Green’s The Fault in Our Stars comes in—we have little infinities in our lives. The type that we look back to and feel a deep sense of nostalgia—nostalgia for those little bits of time you shared with family, friends or even that special someone. Because no matter how short that time was, it mattered. The important thing is to allow yourself let go, but to never forget.

One of my many challenges last year was saying goodbye to four of the graduating editors. One of the things a lot of people outside of the Provoc’s office don’t realize is that we become a family. The amount of hours that we put into the production of this paper cannot easily be counted. Last year, we endured lots of ups and downs professionally, electronically, personally and, yes, even digestively (we ate way too many donuts).

Bethany, Kathy, Alexandra and Courtney—thank you for making the most challenging year into the best one. I miss you all dearly so, but I truly feel so privileged to have learned from all of you. You definitely left a mark here on 500 Salisbury Street—not only on me, but also among your peers. It was hard to let go and say goodbye, but I’m glad for that little infinity I shared with all of you. Gracias.

There was another person who also had an important role with the Provoc and whom we are sad to see leave—our advisor, Alexandra Paterson. I am very happy to have had the opportunity of working with you. I will miss your great enthusiasm and sense of professionalism. Although I am sad to say goodbye, I am thrilled that you are going off to do bigger and better things as well. Gracias.

With that being said, I can’t help but also acknowledge the great work of Eric Swindle and Lili Zannotti. We are all sad to have seen you leave, too. But we’re happy to have had you in our lives these past three years. I am also happy to have had that little infinity with you. Gracias.
But, it is now my job to take on the year with a new and great staff.

In celebration of the Provoc’s 50th Anniversary we have many exciting plans ahead. And, as always, we will strive for excellence, just as our predecessors have for 50 years.

However, before I conclude, I must do an obligatory self-introduction for my first column.

¡Hola! My name’s Pablo. I’m from San Juan, Puerto Rico. I major in economics (yay graphs!) and minor in political science. I love donuts, Beyoncé and anything related to the Supreme Court. My hobbies include looking at pictures of puppies, eating, sleeping, romantic comedies, red pens, lists, the U.S. Constitution and shamelessly dancing to salsa in public.

So, in conclusion: One. Live and love to the fullest. Two. Always remember those little infinities that warm your heart with happiness. Three. Beyoncé is, indeed, flawless. And, fourth, letting go isn’t too bad—forgetting is.

“The realization that something cannot last forever is the commencement of something new.” -Bethany Sampson, thatbethanychick.com.

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