Fashion Week shows fun, eclectic trends

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Heather Schofield

This year, the spectacle of New York Fashion Week ran from September 4 through September 11 and was sponsored by the ever-popular Mercedes-Benz. The designers came from a variety of backgrounds and presented ideas ranging from animal print to bold colors. Several designers brought a unique style to the stage. Aside from TV and online viewing, this spectacle was also available through SnapChat.

Among those that showed their best styles, ideas and inspirations were designs by Arts Hearts Fashions. They were presented by the AIDS Healthcare Foundation, Alon Livne, Ángel Sánchez, Anna Sui, Desigual, Lela Rose, Meskita, Noon by Noor, Oudifu, Son Jung Wan, Taoray Wang, Tome, Venexiana and fan-favorite Tommy Hilfiger.

Per usual, each designer had their own models to show off their styles; some were more interactive than others. Those that smiled made their display of new fashion far more enjoyable and appealing than the models that looked stone cold at the passing camera. Regardless of their facial expressions, some models just looked ridiculous in some of the outfits they were stuffed into. That is not to say that all outfits were horrid; there were many outfits that were sleek, stylish and rather cute.

Arts Hearts Fashion designs included images of gorillas and giant cats that went along with an African theme that the designer tried to display. The color patterns consisted of bright yellows, oranges, reds, greens and blues combined with black, grey and white to make these vibrant colors pop. This really contrasted with the work of Alon Livne, who used black and white as the primary colors. Many of his pieces used silver glitter to highlight the curves and twists that the clothing patterns made on the models bodies. Many of these pieces also revealed a lot of skin which differed from the conservative African-based culture.

Another designer that used subtle colors was Ángel Sánchez. He turned the color gray into an outstanding color with flare. One particular dress that was rather adorable consisted of a tight upper torso and a flowing skirt. The stripped pattern was interrupted by striking dark lines that drew attention to the woman’s breasts and torso.

Upon closer inspection, the dress included many small circles that created a dizzy effect. This inclusion of dots was a part of all of Sánchez’s unique style. He also presented some works that completely contrasted with these ones. This contrast was with vibrant purple clothing with bright yellow accessories that were quite eccentric.

Other designers such as Anna Sui included accessories to accent their designs. Many of her pieces included scarves, jackets and sunglasses. Her style was very hippie-like with rainbows, knit hats and fanny packs. The blues, greens and purples of some outfits were hypnotic and alluring. These pieces were interesting in the way that the colors worked together to create unity. Some of the pieces were more whimsical and calmer than the brighter pieces, which helped create balance within her array of designs.

The happiest models came from Desigual. Their smiles and natural-looking makeup made the designs happy and enjoyable to watch. These pieces were very tropical in their appearance, something that one would wear on a vacation to Hawaii. Each model wore a fabulous flowery headdress, and some wore exquisite earrings. These accessories that accented the brightly colored flowers on their clothing. The reason why this exhibit was even more entertaining than many of the others was due to the way the models interacted with the crowd. Their smiles really added to the whole piece. These styles would not have been as appealing if the models had simply looked ahead and kept a stone face.

This theme of smiling models was sort of portrayed in Oudifu’s work, but the models’ smiles were not as prominent. However, it seems to have worked out better that way. The styles that this designer showcased consisted of brown elephants printed against white fabric. The use of the elephant design was very interesting because it was similar to the pieces that were discussed previously. Seeing several designers using similar ideas was fascinating because it was very unlikely that they collaborated on their designs.

A very different experience was shown by Tommy Hilfiger. He not only showed off some very interesting styles, but he also brought in a live band. The stage was designed with bright colors and vibrant stars that heightened Hilfiger’s creativity. Many of the designs were a deep red accented with black that made for some intriguing patterns. There were some outfits that were very similar in style and looked like high school band outfits. That was interesting to see in a fashion show of such high esteem. There were a few outfits that Hilfiger displayed that were simply a bra and short shorts. This just goes to show the over sexualization that fashion today seems to possess. Aside from that, Hilfiger had some interesting pieces and almost none of them seemed to fit into one category. Each of his items were unique and stood out from the other designers.

Overall, the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week was very interesting to watch. The items were fun to see and some were surprising because of the lack of cloth that was used. Dresses, pants, shirts, hats and scarves were used by an array of designers and the way in which each designer presented his or her ideas made the show spectacular. If you have not had the chance to see these and would like to expand your views of fashion, the videos are still playing on YouTube so go take a look.

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