PAWS prepares for Pup Cup 2014

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Vamos a la playa! It is almost Pup Cup weekend. The weather is getting progressively (albeit slowly) warmer and classes are winding down. You can practically see the light at the end of the semester tunnel. Before the stress of final papers, presentations and studying for multiple exams kicks in, Assumption’s annual Pup Cup Weekend is an enjoyable distraction. For the sophomores, juniors and seniors, it is understood that Pup Cup is the event to look forward to. There are fun activities, music and free food. However, drinking is a fairly large social activity at Pup Cup and sometimes students push their limits. For upperclassmen, you understand it’s an undeniable fact. Many students, though not all, will engage in social drinking this weekend. Peers Advocating Wellness for Students preaches safe drinking and wants all students to take the precautions to ensure your Pup Cup weekend is the best it could be. Binge drinking affects the brain and memory for several days—do not kick start your finals week with a hangover.

When the weather is nice, drinking generally moves from the confines of the dormitories to outside. Socializing in the warm sunshine sounds like an exciting idea, yet there are drawbacks when alcohol is involved. Alcohol mixed with humidity and warmer temperatures can leave you dehydrated quickly. So, to students who choose to drink, make sure you space your alcoholic beverages with water and stay away from mixing energy or caffeinated drinks with alcohol. Such combinations have their dangerous pitfalls.

Take advantage of the free food Sodexo offers this weekend. It is so, so important to eat if drinking is a route you plan on taking. Drinking on an empty stomach is asking for trouble. Load up on Taylor cookies and hamburgers to ensure that alcohol poisoning and nausea stay at bay. Having nourishment in your stomach may slow alcohol absorption somewhat, although it won’t prevent alcohol poisoning. While you are exploring what the Hagan Lawn has to offer on Saturday, stop by the PAWS table for free mocktails to stay hydrated and enjoy a fruity substitute to alcohol. There are alternatives you can partake in if drinking is not your scene. Many fabulous events are taking place this weekend, such as the dance outside of Plourde on Saturday night. PAWS members will be in attendance. Pup Cup is destined to be a fun weekend and it is indubitably easy to get caught up in the moment, but each individual must take precautions to ensure that they themselves and friends are remain safe.

PAWS has been incredibly adamant about educating students on the Call for Help Policy that is implemented on campus. This weekend if you find yourself in a less than desirable situation, stay responsible and call for help.
Drink lots of water and eat lots of food. If alcohol is something you’re into, make smart decisions and drink in moderation. Stop by the PAWS office tomorrow for our Thirsty Thursday event, where we give away free water bottles to promote healthy habits. Finals are just around the river bend, so do not jeopardize your semester grades with careless acts. Be safe, have a happy Pup Cup and do not forget the sunscreen.

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